Will Lack Protein Cause Hair Loss?

causes-female-hair-lossYou may have noticed that many females who are on diet are prone to hair loss especially when they eat only raw foods like fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight quickly. So, can lack of protein really cause hair loss? Undoubtedly, protein deficiency is one of main reasons for hair thinning and shedding. As one of essential nutrients, your body needs frequent, small amounts of it to keep you functioning. Besides, this problem can be also caused by poor health behaviors like staying up late, long hours sitting at a computer, too frequent coloring, and so on.

Protein-related hair loss

As a very common problem throughout the world, it can be triggered by many factors, such as heredity, exposure to chemicals, hormonal changes, heavy use of hair products, certain medications, underlying diseases, and the like. It is worth mentioning that the deficiency of protein, vitamins, or iron is one of possible contributors as well.

Being human body’s building blocks, protein is a good helper of forming and repairing tissue. Unfortunately, it is not stored in the body. That’s to say, your body have to obtain it with the right food or supplements. In addition, since protein is the main component of hair insufficient protein intake will lead to thinning or brittle hair. It should be noted that this problem is the most obvious one in the different symptoms of protein deficiency, compared to brittle nails and the like. The alarming thing is that too little protein in your diet for a long time can make the young man go bald. While women won’t easily go completely bald, long-term shortfalls of protein in the diet can still be one of the most common reasons for thinning or hair loss. So correcting a protein deficiency is your first priority when it comes to preventing it.

How to prevent a lack of protein?

If this problem gets worse even though proper hair maintenance has been made, other factors like lacking of protein needs to be considered. In general, eating a diet that is rich in protein can help correct the deficiencies. As mentioned earlier, many girls choose fruits and vegetables for the purpose of weight loss. It is a pity that they tend to contain very little protein. In fact, people who eat meat are less likely to suffer from this problem than vegetarians. In other words, you should eat more eggs, seafood, fish, turkey, and the like to give you a quick burst of protein. If you are one of vegetarians, it is a good idea to choose soy milk, tofu and other soy products. So don’t forget to make these foods as part of an added-protein meal plan to help fast hair growth. However, dietary therapy may not work in some severe sufferers. In this case, protein supplements and vitamin B complex should be given according to the doctor’s advice.

Hair transplantation

In general, targeted treatment can indeed alleviate this problem. If it fails, you can consider transplantation, especially when other factors cause dead hair follicles. By the way, this surgery refers to transplanting the portion of the healthy occipital hair follicles to the infected part. Once the transplanted follicles survive there, they make hair regrowth possible.

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