Why is bandwidth important to internet users?

internet-highway-systemTo better explain this question, it is necessary to explain what network bandwidth is in the first place.

Bandwidth, originally a term used in communications and electronic technology, refers to data transmission rate when it is used in internet. In other words, it means the amount of information flowing from one end the other end in the amount of time allotted. Bandwidth is a very useful concept, which plays an important role in network communication. Here the actual meaning of the bandwidth is the maximum data bits that flow through a particular area at a given time.

Bandwidth is a somewhat abstract concept. But you can use an analogy to help understand it. Assuming the roads of a city as a network, you can drive from the starting point to the destination via a single-lane, two-lane, four-lane, or perhaps eight-lane road. Here the number of lanes is like bandwidth and the number of vehicles is like the amount of information transmitted in the network.

Besides, internet and the city’s water supply network share something in common too. The diameter of the water supply pipeline can be used to measure its capacity of transporting water. The diameter of main pipe may be 2m, but the diameter of the branch at family end may be just 2cm. In this analogy, the diameter of the pipe is like bandwidth and the water is like the amount of information. That’s to say, a bigger pipe means a wider bandwidth, namely a greater capacity of information delivery.

Now there are more and more people surf on the internet. Besides of browsing the web and reading news, internet users can do more today because of the emergence of online games, online video, telecommuting, network television, etc. Of course, they demand more bandwidth to keep things running smoothly.

Simply put, a bigger bandwidth means faster speed and no lag for an ordinary internet user or game player. And you can contact your high speed Internet service providers if you have more questions. For example, you can dial 1 (888) 211-4727 for Sprint Customer Service if you’ve bought its service.

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