Why is Alcohol Considered a Drug?

alcohol-and-drugWhat if I say alcohol is a drug? Some of you may disagree with me. And you would immediately fight back by presenting the direct evidence – currently liquor is totally legal and commonly used by so many people. No doubt, what you said is so true and a moderate intake of wine can promote health too. But I must say, this is a statement based on solid reasons.

1) Drinking wine can lead to an altered state of consciousness. Once a person’s physical and mental state has been changed, it often means lowered self-restraint and self-awareness. That’s to say, your self-indulgence will dominate you and drive you to do crazy, reckless things;

2) Alcohol is determinant of unintended pregnancies, alcoholism, car wrecks, family breakdown, senseless death, and a number of many other events;

3) Although alcohol is a tremendous source of tax revenue for the government, it is still banned before you reach the legal drinking age. Taken in this sense, it is a drug beyond doubt;

4) Technically, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are drugs. This is because both of them are something that can destroy your judgments and make you have an addiction to it, physically and psychologically;

5) It is often viewed as a gateway drug and depressant. In terms of this opinion, I believe few would argue with me;

6) Compared to other drugs, it has similar or same mechanism. It makes you drunk by affecting your mind once it breaches the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and slip into the central nervous system. In a sense, it works just like an antagonist or agonist. It can make you feel happy thanks to a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which can be used for a variety of purposes, e.g. sexual pleasure, reward, motivation, and so on. So, that’s the way alcohol causes feelings of enjoyment by inhibiting GABA while keeping dopamine into a longer state of active;

7) Technically, a drug can refer to anything that can result in the altered natural processes once it is eaten or drunk. Viewed from this angle, alcohol is no different from any other drugs, such as aspirin, heroin, tobacco, cyclobenzaprine or even cayenne pepper and ginger.

Mind you, I’m just coming up with my subjective personal musings here. Do you consider alcohol a drug? No matter you answer with a yes or no, your comments are always welcomed.

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