Whose Number Does This Belong to?

whose-number-is-thisYou may receive an unknown phone call very often and wonder whose number is calling me. There is no free ideal ways to figure it out? In fact, at least 3 simple ways, calling back, using online reverse lookup tools, and searching in search engine, can help you easily find out whose number does this belong to. Since these methods are completely free of charge, you have to put in some efforts and detective work. Mind you, they are not absolutely guaranteed that you get a satisfactory answer to very query you made because of the different types of number, such as private, office, or customer service number.

Calling back

Interesting enough calling back never occurred to many of you. But no doubt this is the easiest, most immediate, and most efficient method you can rely on. What you need to do is just picking up your phone, dial back, and then ask his or her name if someone answers.

Although you have figured out who is behind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this problem has been completely settled. On the contrary, your trouble just starts if the number called on is your mobile or home phone instead of a business or work phone. And it often indicates that more similar callings will just flood in since there is something wrong with this number.

Online reverse lookup tools

Despite of the mentioned advantages of calling back, it is not the best bet for some certain reasons. For example, this call was made by someone you try to avoid to talk to. In this case, that is where the online reverse directory comes in, especially when it is called from unlisted landlines.

If you live in the United States and Canada, the recommended top reverse phone number lookup systems are Canpages, 411ca, Free411, and Free Phone Tracer. Of course, there are more options out there that can help in the same way.

Major search engines

They include Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask.com, and others. What you need to do is just to text in the whole phone number and hit the “Enter” button. As long as the number has been publicly mentioned somewhere, such social network, forum, and the like, the search engines will help locate the relevant information for you.

However, search engines may work wonders on publicly listed numbers, but it could do nothing about private phone numbers.

In summary, the mentioned 3 methods have both strengths and weaknesses. So, use them wisely according the types of the number called. That’s to say, first of all you need to identify it is a number of landline, cell, person, or business. Although there is no guarantee that they will succeed every time to help you find out whose number this is, no doubt they are still worth a shot.

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