What Your Acne Is Telling You Based on Location?

chinese-medicine-face-mapping-acneAcne is such a common skin disease that it affects all races and ages, in particular teenagers and young adults. The only difference is that the location of the acne or flare-up may vary from person to person. That’s to say, you tend to get acne in certain areas, such forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw, and so on. A lot of you tend to take it for granted, but Chinese medicine practitioners don’t think so. Instead, they think that internal imbalance is the culprit that makes you always break out in the same places. And this in turn means that the location of acne on your face can tip off you about the health of your internal organs. So, what is your acne telling you by its location? Here is an acne face map for your reference.

1. Forehead. Forehead responds to liver. The causes of forehead breakouts here are an emotional problem such as being upset, angry, depressed, anxious, or stressed, coupled with an accumulation of toxic material in the liver due to poor lifestyle.

The remedies include relaxing your mind and body, leading a healthy life, drinking plenty of water, sleeping earlier and waking earlier to make it easier for your liver to remove toxins, and so on.

2. Between the eyebrows. This place responds to heart. It may cause your acne to flare up if recently you’ve suffered from heart palpitations or sudden pain. This requires your attention since the importance of a healthy heart is self-evident.

The remedies are protecting the heart by staying away from strenuous exercise, getting enough sleep, and stopping smoking and drinking. At the same time, it is a good idea to consult with your heart specialist to find out the cause. Besides, self-propelled movement, for example walking and jogging, and fresh air are good for your heart health too.

3. The ala of the nose (wing of the nose). This area indicates the health of the stomach and reproductive system. Besides of too much sebum secreted by the skin’s oil glands, it also associates with exuberance of stomach fire and indigestion. This is the reason why you tend to often have constipation and gastric distension at the same time. It is worth mentioning that it links to over-indulgence in sexual activities too.

The remedies are to eat less stimulating foods, meat, and cold drinks. Warm foods and water are highly recommended so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion and production since stomach acid will encourage the stomach fire. At the same time, over-indulgence or abstinence is inadvisable too.

4. Around your lips and mouth. This specific location corresponds to the intestine and urinary system. This flare-up is usually caused by constipation, heat retention in large intestine, eating too many spicy or fried foods. Besides, the use of toothpaste with too many fluorides can be another cause too. And breakouts on philtrum are probably more due to problems of urinary system.

The treatment is to regulate bowel movements and flush toxins out of your body by eating more high-fiber vegetables and fruits and adjusting the eating habits. If you get pimples on your philtrum, it may indicate urinary and reproductive system problems. In other words, there is often a white discharge in women and frequent urination in men. Usually, taking a laxative, coupled with abdominal massage, can help relieve symptoms since by doing so it makes your bowel movement move more quickly and smoothly through your colon.

5. Left cheek. It can give you an indication of the status of your blood circulation. Breakouts on left cheek mean that you have too many toxins piled up in the blood stream, which may be caused by the liver or blood circulation problems.

The solution is to speed up blood circulation by taking a bath with water that has slightly lower temperature than your body, going outdoors, and eating more blood-cooling foods, such as loofah, melon, persimmon, green beans, and the like. In addition, you need to boost your liver and heart for great health since they have a lot of connection with blood circulation.

6. Right cheek. Right cheek has something to do with the lung and usually the flare-ups there are a reflection of inflammation of the lungs. So, excessive lung fire, dry throat, and coughing up phlegm can make you more likely to get pimples there.

So, you should avoid allergy foods, such as seafood, mango, and alcohol, since allergies will make your trachea, bronchus, and lungs more discomfort. At the same time, you are recommended eating more pears, black fungus, and white fungus for clearing lung heat. Besides, it helps by breathing fresh air, drinking plenty of water, and jogging.

7. Temples. Temples respond to gallbladder. Pimples around the temple area may be caused by eating too many greasy foods. Especially when your liver decreases output of bile, eating too much fat will increase the burden of gallbladder and thus cause breakouts on temples.

So, relieving gallbladder and reducing oil intake are the top priority for you. Besides, drinking a cup of bitter gourd juice every day, or eating cucumber and wax gourd can keep your from absorbing fat too.

8. Along your hairline. Hairline is somehow connected to pores. Pimples near hairline are mostly caused by improper and incomplete removal of makeup resulting in blocked pores.

So, you should take care of the details when you remove makeup. In this case, a proper face wash and an eye makeup remover mean a lot to you. When you use foundation, the key thing to remember is to wash into the hairline and jawline. Or the metabolites will clog pores on your hairline.

9. Chin and jaw. The corresponding organ of acne on jaw is the kidney. It often implies endocrine disorders or irregular menstruation leading to excessive estrogen. Besides, another possibility is consuming too many vitamins.

So, the solution is to treat endocrine disorders, take things easy, and avoid taking too many supplements, especially vitamins.

10. Eyebrows. Eyebrow acne means an unhealthy liver. So, you need to find a routine that works for your schedule and then stick to it. Besides, you’d better quit smoking and alcohol too.

11. Bridge of the nose. The appearance of pimples on the bridge of the nose is believed to link to a minor spine problem. Experts suggest it’s important to protect your spinal cord from injury, avoid catching cold, and get rehabilitation therapy.

12. Tip of nose. Zit on tip of nose means excessive stomach fire and abnormalities of the digestive system. In this case, mung bean porridge is highly recommended since it is good at clearing the fire in your stomach.

13. Right cheekbone. Acne on the right cheekbone means poor function of lungs and large intestine. Based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, lung controls the vital energy, and the poor lung function will lead to a below-normal level of oxygen in your blood and disorders of the large intestine. The good news is that eating less meat and more fruits and veggies can promote gastrointestinal motility, ease a hangover, relieve a cough, and moisten the lungs.

12. Left cheekbone. Acne on the left cheekbone means there is problem with the liver and gall bladder. If you get tired easily and have impaired detoxification functions and poor digestive function, you should avoid greasy food and eat more fruits and vegetables.

13. Beginning of the brow. The acne flare-ups here indicate a cold and lack of sleep.

14. Corner of eyes. Breakouts here are a signal of poor liver function too. If pimple keeps popping up in the corner of your eye, you need to change your routine, stop yourself from staying up late, and stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

15. Lower lip. Pimples on lower lip are a sign of reproductive system abnormalities and deficiency cold, which means a person, especially his or her hands and feet, feels cold all the time. In this case, cold drinks and food in cold nature are a big no no.

If your acne keeps coming back on specific location after you’ve tried various approaches, it means you don’t treat it the right way. In this case, you should find out and fix the underlying cause, instead of using a topical treatment. In other words, you can refer to this pimple face chart, also known as face pimple map or breakout face chart, analyze the signals sent by your internal organs, and then take measures depending on the situation. By the way, or simply talking to a Chinese medicine doctor can help if you have no idea where to start.

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