What Vitamins to Take After a Night of Drinking?

super-b-complex-hangoverA hangover seems inevitable for many after a night of heavy drinking. In this case, an anti-hangover supplement is important. So, what are the best vitamins for hangover? Taking a B-complex vitamin supplement can help dispel the effects of alcohol, according to health experts.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a series of hangover symptoms, including headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, muscle weakness, sensitivity to light and noise, irritability, a slight distortion, anxiety, and so on. These symptoms are thought to be linked to dehydration, vitamin depletion, and excess acetaldehyde. And the severity of a hangover can be determined by many factors, such as drinking capacity, age, alcohol content, drinkers’ mood, drinking on an empty or full stomach, and the like.

If a person got drunk, actually it means acute alcohol intoxication. This is a kind of excitatory or inhibitory state of central nervous system. Both oral mucosa and the lining of the stomach and intestine are able to absorb alcohol. When it enters into the mouth, it is absorbed by oral mucosa, followed by the stomach or intestinal wall. And the latter absorbs the most of it. Alcohol moves very fast in the body. When a person drinks on an empty stomach, 60 percent will be absorbed within the first hour and more than 90 percent an hour later. On the contrary, the excretion of alcohol in the body is quite slow. As a result, a lot of it will be accumulated in the blood or tissues. Since alcohol itself has inhibition and toxic effects on the functions of central nervous system, respiratory center, heart, and liver, it causes a series of alcoholism symptoms.

When it comes to nutrients associated with hangover, B vitamins are closely related since they mainly impact the liver. In fact, B vitamins are considered one of the best cures for a hangover, and this view has some basis in science. For example, vitamin B3, the coenzyme that constitutes the body’s dehydrogenase, plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. So, it not only removes alcohol, nicotine and other toxins, relieves headaches and migraines, and protects the liver, but also promotes the oxygen uptake of skin, nails, and hair tissue. Instead, liver diseases caused by drinking too much are mostly related to the lack of B vitamins. In fact, a lack of B vitamins can immediately lead to reduced cell function, metabolic disorders, loss of appetite, laziness, and the like.

For people who have a few drinks, the best way of dispelling liquor’s effect is to speed up its metabolism inside the body. That’s where B vitamins come in since they play an important and indispensable role during this process. However, long-term heavy drinking can cause a serious shortage of these nutrients. That’s to say, it is a good idea to take them 1 to 2 hours before drinking. On the one hand, it helps by eating more foods that are rich in vitamins. On the other hand, a B-vitamin supplement is another good choice.

No wonder these days many drinkers take vitamins to prevent and reduce hangovers. When combined with proper rest, by doing so it can effectively relieve some symptoms. Specifically, vitamin B6, B12 and B1 are considered a go-to relief for hangover when they are used in large doses. So, a vitamin B complex is highly recommended. By the way, taking it along with water or other non-alcoholic beverages can make it more effective.

Besides, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C or drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice made from them before drinking. Although vitamin C has no direct effect on neutralizing or digesting alcohol, it has certain auxiliary effect on mitigating the effect of heavy drinking on the liver.

What should be pointed out, however, is that drinkers shouldn’t take a vitamin B complex as the only way to lessen hangover symptoms. Although this method can make up for the lost vitamins and shorten recovery time, taking other appropriate response is equally important since excessive drinking also involves other issues.

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