What Is The Purpose Of Compression Garments After Liposuction?

post-liposuction-girdleFirst of all, the importance of compression garments after liposuction surgery cannot be overstated. This is mainly because it can facilitate better healing by reducing swelling, preventing infection, relieving tenderness, and so on. It is worth mentioning that it still soaks up bloods and other fluids when combined with absorbent pad.

Wearing compression garment after lipo is not an “extra” step to a cosmetic procedure. Instead, it is the key to ensure the final result. This is why the cosmetic surgery patients are requested to wear girdle to help the skin retract.

After lipo the amount of fat has been reduced but the space within the skin remains. Due to the separation between skin and the muscle layer, the room that held fat becomes hollow, which then leads to extra skin. So, this is where wearing a girdle after smart lipo comes in. When it comes to what happens if you don’t wear it, of course it will be very likely to ruin results.

Surgery may destroy the blood vessels and the transmission network that supplies nutrition to cells. It may also damage the link between the skin and the body. All of them need to be repaired in the postoperative recovery period.

When your body is trying to repair the damage, new tissue forms to reconnect the broken tissue. That’s to say, the clotting is removed and the new tissue makes the skin close to the muscle. However, the damaged blood vessels will result in the accumulation of fluid and waste, which can be handled well by wearing compression garments.

Another obvious benefit of this garment is to significantly reduce bleeding and swelling of the surgical area. What’s more, it is good at controlling pain after surgery and leads to faster healing. This is why many patients feel instant relief so that they are free to move about.

This is formfitting elastic clothing that can gently apply pressure to the surgery site and extrude accumulated liquid. And how long to wear compression garment after lipo depends on the wound closure and healing speed in individual case. And longer time is needed in closure of skin wounds with sutures than in open drainage. In other words, the latter needs shorter recovery time since it has smaller wound.

So, how long do you wear compression garments after liposuction? In general, three months is an ideal length of time. But this is not necessarily the same for all. You need to wear it in line with your own conditions and make it as long as possible. Since it means a lot to the overall recovery, try your best to do things recommended by your doctor.

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