What is a Hemorrhoid Donut?

hemorrhoid-cushionA hemorrhoid donut is named so for a simple reason – it looks like a doughnut. In fact, it is a type of cushion designed for a specific purpose. Sometimes it is called ring cushion too due to the O-shaped style. By the way, another popular similar item is hemorrhoid pillow, which is more conventional in appearance. Actually they work the same way although they look slightly different.

Also known as piles, this condition comes in three major types – internal, external, and mixed. This is a chronic disease that is characterized by inflamed, swollen veins in anus and lower rectum. This is the result of varicose veins at the bottom of the anus and at anal mucosa. It is a disease more common in people who stand or sit a lot.

In recent years, fast paced life and increased levels of job stress have led to a soaring incidence of hemorrhoids. The United States alone, about 10 million people suffer from this chronic disease, namely a 4.4% prevalence rate, according to the statistics provided by Johanson et al in 1990. It indicates as a common disease it seems to have become a key health concern these days. Because of this, many victims have long been deprived of the pleasure of smooth bowel movement.

Flare-ups of hemorrhoids present many signs and symptoms, such as itching, pain, feeling a lump, bloody stool, and so on. Usually this extreme discomfort when this condition is irritated makes the patients so painful to stand and sit. Apparently regular chairs are not enough for those sufferers. That’s why often they have to sit with their buttock on a chair since the pressure can worsen the pain. This is entirely understandable since regular chairs aren’t able to offer that support and comfort that the patients are badly in need. So, is there a quick relief to it besides of a surgery? Well, that’s where a hemorrhoid cushion comes in. After all, it is aiming to make the patients sit comfortably.

So, what does hemorrhoid doughnut exactly do? Of course, it has something to do with a hemorrhoid flare-up, just as its name implies. It is mainly designed to ease the discomfort, especially the pain caused by sitting due to the increased pressure on the anus. As mentioned at the beginning, it is characterized by the opening in the middle, which allows the patient to sit while placing no direct pressure on the infected area. The reason for the pain relief is twofold – the O-shaped design plus the chosen material – inflatable or solid foam.

As an added bonus, the hemorrhoid donut seat can also help the sufferers prevent significant deterioration besides of bringing instant relief to the ongoing pain. After all, the pressure and friction when sitting down are very likely to worsen this condition. This benefit will become more evident over time.

And admittedly, hemorrhoid cushion at best is an additional treatment for this chronic disease. That’s to say, others methods should be used at the same time in order to cure it while providing some temporary relief. The recommended remedies include diet tweaks, topical treatments, sitz bath, oral pain relievers, and the like.

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