What Helps Sunburn Heal Faster?

sunburned-skin-on-backSo, what to do if you get sunburn? If you just want to reduce the inflammation, minimize further damage to the skin, and get quick relief from pain and redness, you can search your kitchen and will find a few naturally soothing sunburn treatments, such as aloe, oat, cucumber, and so on. They are the coolest home remedies for too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. And here are the top 8 natural sunburn cures for you.

1. Aspirin. Aspirin is ideal for the adults who have sunburn provided that they are not allergic to aspirin. What you need to do is just to crush aspirin with the back of a spoon in a bowl, add a little water to make paste, and then directly apply it to the sunburned area. In addition, you can replace water with liquid antacid, a drug for heartburn and acid indigestion relief, and then dip a cotton ball into this solution and apply it to the affected area. However, applying it on a minor scale before is highly recommended since aspirin may cause skin rash. And remember not to make aspirin stay on your skin overnight.

2. Apple cider vinegar. Many of you know that vinegar helps relieve sunburn since it contains acetic acid, which makes it work like aspirin in terms of relieving pain, itching and inflammation. When it comes to repairing skin damage from sun, apple cider vinegar is preferable because its acid-base balance factor can help balance the skin’s pH. And the results will be better when it is used after bathing.

3. Potato. Potato contains starch that helps absorb excess heat from the sunburned skin. The simplest method is to apply the sliced potato on the skin. Besides, you can also mix potatoes with a little water, stir them until the solution looks like an emulsion, apply it to the skin, and repeat it after a few hours until the pain has been completely relieved.

4. Honey. Honey is known for keeping your skin soft and smooth. Besides, the sticky honey is one of best ways to make sunburn heal faster. As a known antimicrobial agent, it promotes the growth of new skin cells. When it is applied to the sun damaged skin, you should gently rub this part of the body with it, rinse it with cold water, and pat your skin dry with a towel.

5. Yogurt. A lot of probiotics and active enzymes help the skin to heal. This is why the yogurt can help a sunburn go away. It is easy to use. And it will do the trick by simply applying yogurt to the sunburned parts for 5 minutes and then rinsing it with water. By the way, it can be reused when necessary.

6. Baking soda. Backing soda is considered a pure, multi-functional, and safe ingredient. No wonder it is frequently used in a variety of after-sun products. Just like apple cider vinegar and yogurt, baking soda also helps balance the skin’s pH. After you find yourself red and sunburned, you can dissolve some in water for an extra sunburn relief.

7. Cold milk. Fat, protein and pH of milk are good for soothing skin and reduce inflammation. In addition, low temperature allows vasoconstriction and reduces swelling. You can also try to make a compress by using a clean cloth and the same amount of milk, water and ice cubes. And you should apply it to the sunburned area for 5 minutes and repeat it several times to help the redness, itch, and blisters go away.

8. Tea. Tea is another natural, multi-purpose remedy because it contains an important component called tannic acid, which can repair sun damage. When tea bags, especially black tea or mint tea, are soaked in cold water, they can provide instant pain relief and overnight healing.

When it comes to preventing skin damage and, potentially, cancer, it is a good idea to always wear strong sunscreen. If you forget to do so and get sunburn, be sure to take immediate measures to help the body repair itself. And the following steps are recommended to get quick relief – immediately move to a cool place, drink plenty of water, and do not expose to direct sunlight again before the skin is completely healed.

In general, skin repair may take a few days. If it is really bad sunburn with blisters, fever, chills, dizziness, vomiting, or extreme fatigue, please consult a doctor immediately, instead of relying on any home remedies.

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