Ways to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Fast

garlic-odor-removalSo, how to neutralize garlic odor? Indeed, many of you have a love-hate relationship with Allium sativum. On the one hand, this is such a flavorful, healthy ingredient that it is widely used to enhance many dishes around the world. On the other hand, the followed foul taste will hold most of you back. Good news to garlic bread or pesto loves is that there is a few scientifically proven ways to hide garlic breath.

As one of the most popular condiment on the earth, people are all too familiar with it. When it is intact, its odor is very slight, even imperceptible. Once it is sliced or mashed, it immediately gives off a strong odor. Now as is known to all that this smell comes from several sulfur-containing gases. Specially, it is caused by a substance called allyl methyl sulfide (AMS), which is produced during this spice is broken down inside the body. The odor of garlic ‘halitosis’ can haunt people for a long time since AMS is absorbed into the blood stream and therefore released through sweat and respiration in a few days. This is why the dreaded garlic breath lasts long after it has been consumed. Besides of the mentioned compounds, its residue remaining in the teeth or mouth can also cause long-lasting odor too.

To be honest, all people have varying degrees of bad breath and body odor. Similarly, sulfur-containing compounds should be blamed for that. Although there are many ways to get the taste of garlic out of your mouth, when it comes to completely avoiding this halitosis the only way is not to eat foods containing this ingredient. While eating mint or chewing gum can cover the smell temporarily, it is far from a garlic breath cure. As mentioned above, this smell is actually the by-product during it is digested and absorbed into the blood. In general, drinking milk and brushing can be the most effective way to get rid of garlic breath fast. Although there are many home remedies that have been major players in the history and lore of ward offing garlic breath, few has modern-day science to help back up their claims, except for the following ones.

1. Oral cleaning. Brushing, flossing, gargling with salt water, and other physical methods can clear out the mouth residue and then effectively reduce bad breath temporarily. In addition, the common action of toothpaste, mouthwash, or other chemicals can help it too.

2. Acidic substances. No matter how garlic is prepared, the precursor of this spice is unlikely to complete the conversion all at once. But alliinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of alliin to allicin, is acid-sensitive. So, the pretreatment of foods containing garlic with an acid, such as vinegar and lemon juice, can inactivate the enzyme, inhibit the conversion process, and then help relieve garlic breath. In addition, the transformed allicin is more unstable when it is in an overly basic or acidic environment. In this case, the conversion will be more rapid to mask and neutralize its smell.

3. Oxidase and polyphenols. A recent study found that a polyphenol oxidase can effectively remove the bad breath from onion or other species in the onion genus. And this enzyme is found in apples, parsley, spinach, and mint. Therefore, chewing the mentioned fruits and vegetables helps remove this unpleasant mouth odor. At the same time, the researchers also found that the microwave-treated apples, green tea and lemon juice can still get rid of the lingering smell quickly, indicating that this effect does not depend on the enzymatic reaction. Studies suggest that polyphenols may play a role in it.

In short, oral cleaning, especially teeth flossing and tongue scraping, can help you temporarily put a halt to halitosis. In addition, other things that can also help freshen breath include compounds rich in polyphenol oxidase and polyphenols and acids. Anything else is not scientifically proven and these so-called effective methods can’t get rid of body odor caused by AMS. In a sense, the only way of effectively getting rid of garlic breath from stomach is to say no to all foods containing this ingredient and related preparations. If you do want to enjoy the garlic magic properties, for example anti-aging benefits, to promote your health, it is a good idea to choose the supplement form, especially the tasteless one.

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