Tea to Lose Belly Fat Fast

belly-fat-burning-teaWhen it comes to how to lose belly fat fast at home, you may instantly think of diet, workout, or some home remedies. In fact, sipping certain types of tea daily can help lose unwanted belly fat too. First off, let’s take a look the weight-loss benefits of drinking tea.

Recent experimental results show that some certain types of teas do prevent obesity. On the one hand, tea contains large amount of dietary fiber, which will stay in the stomach for a longer time and thus result in high satiety because it cannot be digested easily. On the other hand, more importantly it can increase fat burn. This is because tea is rich in vitamin B1, which is essential to fully burn fat and thus convert it into energy. So the question remains – what are the best teas to drink for weight loss? According to the above-mentioned principle, the top 5 are as follows.

Black tea

When you think of weight gain, perhaps you may think of belly fat since many of you gain weight in your stomach first. And that is where drinking black tea comes in. It is black because it is fermented by Aspergillus niger or Aspergillus luchuensis. Most importantly, as an extremely low-calorie beverage, it only has 2 calories per cup. By the way, when buying black teas, you should always choose the caffeinated instead of the decaffeinated one. This is because the former can help you shed more pounds although both of them provide the same amounts of calories.

Gymnema tea

Gymnema sylvestre, one of main ingredients of Gymnema Tea, is an herb frequently mentioned in Ayurveda medicine. It is known for its properties of killing sugar. If you ever chewed its leaves before having some sweets, you would find that you don’t feel a sweet taste in the mouth anymore. As a result, you will greatly reduce the sugar intake. And once the sugar and carbohydrate absorption is reduced, the converted fat will reduce accordingly. Besides of helping support fat loss, it has been used as an adjuvant therapy for diabetic patient.

Lotus leaf tea

This is an ancient weight loss recipe. It not only refreshes you, but also improves your complexion. More importantly, it is a belly fat burning tea too. However, if you want to slim down fast by simply sipping this beverage, these simple tips will help you do it better. First, it should be strong enough. That’s to say, don’t use the second brew. Second, drink it more frequently if you are constipated because having bowel movements regularly can aid your efforts of losing belly fat. Third, it is best to drink it on an empty stomach. By doing so you don’t have to have a diet because drinking lotus leaf tea for some time will make you discover a new love of food. In other words, over time you will gradually lose the cravings for fatty or oily foods.

Eucommia tea

It can reduce neutral fats, which are named so since they don’t have acidic or basic groups and they are uncharged. This is because eucommia contains ingredients that can shrink your waist by promoting metabolism and calorie consumption. In addition to weight loss, it can also prevent aging and improve your physical strength and endurance.


As one of the best fat burner teas, Oolong is actually a type of semi-fermented tea that nearly contains no vitamin C. However, it is rich in minerals like iron and calcium. It is worth mentioning that it contains ingredients that promote digestive enzymes and break down the fat. A cup of Oolong before and after meals can increase fat breakdown, which helps directly expel the fat from the body instead of absorbing the fat. So it will help you get rid of belly fat in a long run.

As you can see now, losing belly fat with teas is simpler than you might think. Just as a reminder, you should make it as part of your daily routine to get the maximum benefits out of the above-mentioned 5 types of teas.

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