Does Caffeine Cause Weight Gain or Loss?

coffee-weight-lossCaffeine is a central nervous system stimulant naturally found in kola nuts, tea and coffee. It is even an ingredient of certain medicines. When it comes to caffeine causing weight gain or loss, there has been much debate. Although one of these two views may prevail in certain of time, there’s new evidence to back up the other soon. However, one thing’s for sure though: proponents of both views agree that excess caffeine intake can pose problems. Next, let’s analyze them individually. Continue reading Does Caffeine Cause Weight Gain or Loss?

White Mulberry for Weight Loss

mulberry-zuccarinWhen it comes to weight loss, dieting and exercising are the most common ways. As part of a well-balanced and healthy eating plan, fruits and vegetables are great for fat loss. This is because they are high in essential vitamins and minerals but low in fat and calories. In recent years white mulberry (Morus alba) has been becoming more and more popular, partly because it has a positive effect on weight control. So, does mulberry help loss weight? If yes, how to use mulberry for weight loss? Continue reading White Mulberry for Weight Loss

Kudzu Root and Weight Loss

kudzu-powder-benefitsWhen it comes to what parts of the body fat are hardest to burn, for most women they would be belly, bottom, and thighs because in biology these areas tend to hold fat instead of activating muscles. Good news is that kudzu root could be a potential butt fat buster, according to the latest scientific research on the link between kudzu and weight loss. Continue reading Kudzu Root and Weight Loss

Cassia Seed for Weight Loss

cassia-obtusifolia-boiled-seedsDrinking cassia seed tea can be a very effective weight-loss regimen. Because it has powerful lipid-lowering and mild laxative properties, daily consumption of the tea made of about 10 grams of them can inhibit the synthesis of body fat. More than that, it helps break down excess body fat too. However, it is important to note that those who want to lose weight should stick to the daily dose for a while to start seeing result. Continue reading Cassia Seed for Weight Loss

Hawthorn Berry Recipes for Weight Loss

weight-lossTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that the consumption of hawthorn berries can help those who want to lose weight, in particularly the one with secondary obesity, as they invigorate the spleen and promote digestion. What should be pointed out, however, is that the fat-burning properties of haws are really weak when they are used alone. In this case, herbalists come up with a few proven hawthorn berry tea recipes to achieve weight loss. And here are the most popular 7 home remedies for your references. Continue reading Hawthorn Berry Recipes for Weight Loss

Hawthorn Tea for Weight Loss

dried-hawthorn-fruitHawthorn berry is a common herb used in Chinese medical herbalism. The main uses of it are to invigorate the stomach and make the food settle down completely after the meal. In fact, it can be used to help with weight loss too if you eat it on daily basis. When it comes to how to use hawthorn berries, apparently making tea is the most simple and convenient method. As an added bonus, this tea has no known side effects and, more importantly, offers other health benefits too. For example, it also has hypolipidemic effect and the protection of blood vessels. Continue reading Hawthorn Tea for Weight Loss

How to Use Goji Berries for Weight Loss?

wolfberry-teaRecent studies have shown that goji berries may regulate the body’s energy metabolism, which makes it a secret-weapon food for weight loss. In fact, drinking goji tea has been practiced way earlier for a variety of different purposes, among which revving up the body’s ability to melt fat is simply a surprise. Continue reading How to Use Goji Berries for Weight Loss?

Can You Burn Calories by Thinking?

the-thinkerWhen it comes to the question of “does thinking hard burn calories”, the supporters often take Einstein as an example to illustrate the feasibility of staying lean by mental workouts. However, recent evidence has found that mentally draining activities alone might not be sufficient to help you lose weight. Your brain burns more calories while thinking hard, that’s for sure. But the bad news is that what the brain consumes is not fat but glucose. For that reason, this is an unrealistic expectation of burning fat by simply sitting your big butt down and reading a mathematics book. Continue reading Can You Burn Calories by Thinking?

Worst Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

apples-low-carbDoes eating fruit help lose weight? Well, many of you would say it does. However, this view is only half right. Some fruits make more sense while others do not when it comes to weight loss. In other words, the answer to this question is Yes, and No. And here are the 5 worst fruits you should never eat when trying to lose weight. Continue reading Worst Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight