Are Black Beans Good for Weight Loss?

beans-to-lose-weightAre beans good for diet? Well, this would be an easy question to answer if you know why black bean diet recipes become so hot these days. In fact, the sudden popularity of black bean began from a recent Korean TV show, in which an artist took the challenge and successfully shed about 20 kg within a month. As a result, research shows that the search volume for related weight-loss key words has incredibly increased since then. Continue reading Are Black Beans Good for Weight Loss?

Worst Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

apples-low-carbDoes eating fruit help lose weight? Well, many of you would say it does. However, this view is only half right. Some fruits make more sense while others do not when it comes to weight loss. In other words, the answer to this question is Yes, and No. And here are the 5 worst fruits you should never eat when trying to lose weight. Continue reading Worst Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

Best and Worst Fruits for Weight Loss

fruit-and-vegetable-dietIf you are trying to lose weight, a healthy, balanced diet, usually including fruits and vegetables, will be recommended. However, you may not know that not all fruits are weight loss friendly foods even though all of them are healthy enough. That’s to say, some fruits may make you gain weight instead. So, identifying the best and worst fruits for weight loss will be your priority. Continue reading Best and Worst Fruits for Weight Loss

Best Food for Satiety

satiety-indexIn fact, your brain will receive a signal of being full after eating a certain amount of food. That gives a hint that high satiety foods can make you feel full sooner even though you consume fewer calories. In other words, some certain foods can help you lose weight without dieting. So, do you know what the highest satiety foods are? Well, here are 12 foods with highest satiety value for your reference. Continue reading Best Food for Satiety

Trying to Lose Weight and Always Hungry?

diet-without-feeling-hungry“I’m trying to lose weight but I’m always hungry.” Probably you will whine like that too if you’re on a diet. So, is hunger inevitable if you want to shed some pounds? No, of course not. You can still rely on regular exercise or consumption of low-calorie, high-satiety foods. If exercise doesn’t appeal to you either, apparently the latter one is a better option since it can help avoid starving yourself throughout the day, especially at night. Continue reading Trying to Lose Weight and Always Hungry?

List of High Satiety Foods

avocado-satietyIt is common knowledge that eating less or exercising can help lose weight fast. However, it can be so hard to resist the temptation of delicious treats and drinks. So, is there a method that can help weight loss while still satisfying your palates? Well, eating low-calorie, high-satiety foods is the ideal solution you are seeking. Now the question is: what is a high-satiety diet and how can you quickly identify whether or not they will satisfy your hunger with fewer calories? Well, here is a list for your reference. Continue reading List of High Satiety Foods

Does Running Make Your Calves Big?

running-large-calvesThere is no doubt that running is a good way to lose weight. However, does running give you bigger calves? After all, for some of you muscular calves are the last thing you want. In general, this aerobic exercise can add muscle mass to the legs if you have slim ones. At the same time, it can tone them down if you have fatty ones. Continue reading Does Running Make Your Calves Big?

Does Walnut Help in Reducing Weight?

walnuts-dietDoes walnut increase weight? For most of you, this seems a more normal question compared to the one mentioned in title. This is completely understandable since common knowledge tells you that nuts are high in fat and calories. So, you’ll dismiss the idea of walnut being good for weight loss even though someone tells you so. However, the fact may surprise you and actually regular consumption of walnuts can really help lose weight. Of course, the premise is that you have to find out the right way to consume it. Continue reading Does Walnut Help in Reducing Weight?

Drinking Coffee to Lose Weight?

coffee-dietCan drinking coffee help you lose weight? It seems that this controversial topic has been discussed for a while and there is no general agreement yet. However, there’s no denying that it is a good idea to start your day by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning because it can perk you up for the day. Since a caffeinated drink is known for its refreshing and exciting properties, does that mean that it can prevent weight gain by increasing the metabolism? Continue reading Drinking Coffee to Lose Weight?