What Helps Sunburn Heal Faster?

sunburned-skin-on-backSo, what to do if you get sunburn? If you just want to reduce the inflammation, minimize further damage to the skin, and get quick relief from pain and redness, you can search your kitchen and will find a few naturally soothing sunburn treatments, such as aloe, oat, cucumber, and so on. They are the coolest home remedies for too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. And here are the top 8 natural sunburn cures for you. Continue reading What Helps Sunburn Heal Faster?

Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

sun-tanned-skinWhen it comes to get a tan, the first thing you need to consider is to buy a cream that can protect you from sunburn by filtering out ultraviolet light. In fact, at this moment there are at least 3 options available to suit your needs. They are sunscreen suntan lotion, and sunblock. Now, you may begin to wonder what the differences among them are and which one works best for you. Admittedly, they have many differences, in particular on function. To put it simply, suntan lotion is mainly for those who want a tanned skin quickly; sunblock can minimize the sunburn; and sunscreen is in between. Continue reading Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

What is DHA in Tanning Lotion?

best-spray-tan-productsAs everyone knows, a tanned look can be naturally obtained through sunbathing. However, this method takes time and money. Therefore, many people begin to resort to a shortcut to get the same appearance of a tan. Now you might already know that the so-called shortcut here is the tanning lotions or other related products. Of course, this is a fake tan. The main ingredient in tanning products is DHA, which stands for dihydroxyacetone. So, the questions are: what does DHA in tanning lotion do and is DHA in tanning lotions safe? Continue reading What is DHA in Tanning Lotion?

Summer Sun Protection Tips for Babies and Toddlers

baby-sun-protectionAs summer closes in, babies and toddlers begin to take off some layers for outdoor activities. However, excessive ultraviolet rays are dangerous to your baby’s tender skin. For that reason, playing under the hot sun is liable to get sunburned and even sunstroke. So, in order to enjoy summer fun outdoors you’d better arm your kids to the teeth with sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, tent, and so on. In addition to this, what else should you pay attention to keep your baby safe in the summer sun? Here are some helpful sun safety tips for you. Continue reading Summer Sun Protection Tips for Babies and Toddlers