What Does Olive Oil Do For Your Face?

rubbing-olive-oil-on-skinSo, what are the benefits of olive oil on face? Simply put, it seems a panacea that is beneficial to almost all of your skin problems, such as lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage, dry skin, just to name a few. Thanks to the extraordinary beauty effect and anti-aging properties, it was once known as “the edible cosmetic” and “the oil of beauty” among beauticians and nutritionists. Besides of boosting general beauty, it can still moisturize skin, enhance exfoliation, remove makeup, and so on. Continue reading What Does Olive Oil Do For Your Face?

Does Sugar Age the Skin?

effects-of-too-much-sugar-on-the-bodyCan sugar age your skin? Many girls who have a sweet tooth would wonder about it. In fact, eating added sugar can cause serious health consequences. For example, eating more sugar than you’re supposed to can not only make you gain weight, but also make your skin look older since it accelerates the aging of cells. Although as you grow older lines and wrinkles on your face cannot be avoided, slashing your carbohydrates intake from now on can help you slow down or at least maintain the normal aging process. Continue reading Does Sugar Age the Skin?

How Does Vitamin C Benefit Skin?

vitamins-for-beautiful-skinMany of you may know that vitamins, such as C, D, and K2,play an important role in your overall health. But you may not know that vitamin C benefits skin. It is such a pity. In fact, it can reverse sun damage, reduce age spots on face, promote wound healing, and so on. The benefits of it are largely derived from its capacity of promoting the production of collagen. When you age, it will make your skin less elastic due to the reduced collagen production. Although this vitamin itself cannot help you avoid aging, it can slow down this process and give you firmer skin by improving the skin’s elasticity. Continue reading How Does Vitamin C Benefit Skin?