How to Get Rid of Milia?

milia-under-eyesSo, how do you remove milia? When you are asked this, chances are that you will instantly think of popping, picking or squeezing them since they looks really like small whitehead. Sadly, by doing so it won’t help since they are much more stubborn than you may have thought. Good news is that this cosmetic annoyance will go away on its own if you are patient enough. If you are not, you can also turn to your dermatologist or simply try some natural home remedies to get rid of these little hard, white bumps. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Milia?

Squalane Oil Benefits

olive-squalane-skin-careSqualane oil may be something new to you since you have never heard of this name before. Chances are, you’ve already used many cosmetics and some supplements that contain this natural extract. As an organic compound produced by most organisms, besides of shark squalene is also found in other fish, some plants and fruits, and even human body itself. By far, the most common use of it is being an ingredient of many cosmetics and some skin care products, which are mainly designed to help heal burns, wrinkles and skin discoloration. In addition, squalane oil, a saturated form of squalene, is often consumed orally to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood since it is rich in antioxidants. Continue reading Squalane Oil Benefits

Uses of Saffron for Beauty

uses-of-kesar-for-faceSaffron, one of the world’s most expensive medicinal herbs and spices, is native to Asia and European countries. While you are more familiar with it as a spice in cooking to impart its exotic flavor and aroma, people increasingly use it as a beauty ingredient. If you have never tried anything like a saffron face mask to improve and brighten your skin tone, now it is time for you to get to know the amazing benefits of this magical herb for health, skin, and hair. Continue reading Uses of Saffron for Beauty

Benefits of Mint for Skin

mint-benefits-for-skinIs mint good for skin? Of course, it is since this is a highly beneficial plant. In short, peppermint oil is able to relieve skin problems, such as acne, redness, pain, itching, burning, and so on. What’s more, it can even eliminate erythema and adjust the skin tone. No wonder it is frequently found in a lot of skin care products, e.g. moisturizers, lotions, and cleansers. Continue reading Benefits of Mint for Skin

Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

sun-tanned-skinWhen it comes to get a tan, the first thing you need to consider is to buy a cream that can protect you from sunburn by filtering out ultraviolet light. In fact, at this moment there are at least 3 options available to suit your needs. They are sunscreen suntan lotion, and sunblock. Now, you may begin to wonder what the differences among them are and which one works best for you. Admittedly, they have many differences, in particular on function. To put it simply, suntan lotion is mainly for those who want a tanned skin quickly; sunblock can minimize the sunburn; and sunscreen is in between. Continue reading Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

What is Sorbolene Cream?

sorbolene-cream-reviewThe word “Sorbolene” may be new to a lot of you. In fact, it has been in the market for a while. If you ever tried to know more about it, you will find many skin products based on this cream out there and there are a bunch of related reviews online. However, if you think and use it as a common skin moisturizer for your body and face, you’re wrong a lot. So, let’s find out what Sorbolene cream is and how you can make best use of it. Continue reading What is Sorbolene Cream?

Are Milk Baths Good for You?

bathing-in-milk-and-honeyIt is said that Cleopatra loved to bathe in milk to keep her skin glowing, soft, healthy, and exuberant. Long before milk bath was once synonymous with luxury. However, social progress has made it possible to benefit most of ordinary people. So, is a milk bath good for skin? It is, according to the modern studies. In fact, its health benefits are more than that. That’s to say, bathing in milk is not for enjoying this ancient luxury only. Now let’s take a close look at its health benefits from the perspective of the nutrients. Continue reading Are Milk Baths Good for You?

10 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

get-rid-of-wrinkles-naturally-to-look-youngerA younger looking face always inspires envy especially if you’re over age 40. It is what a wonderful feeling one day when you look into a mirror and there a young face shows even though your child has grown up. Want no signs of aging too? Please refer to the following 10 ways to effectively prevent and reduce wrinkles at all. More importantly, these methods require no surgery or stitches. As long as you stick to it, over time your efforts will eventually pay off. Continue reading 10 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Best Vitamins for Acne Prone Skin

vitamins-for-better-skinYou may have heard that vitamins are good for acne skin. Indeed, this is very true that vitamins can help result in silky smooth skin, which as you know means a lot to your socializing, dating, mate choice, career, and so on. However, you may have been unclear that what a good vitamin is to take for acne. In fact, vitamin A, B2, B6, C, and E can help and each has its advantages and disadvantages. So, you can take vitamin supplements needed or simply consume some certain foods to help clear acne. Continue reading Best Vitamins for Acne Prone Skin

How to Moisturize Your Skin in the Winter?

banish-dry-skinDry air and chilly winds in the winter can cause moisture loss in your body. So, winter skin care is particularly important if you want to banish dry, itchy skin. Otherwise, it will be too late once yours begins to itch and dull. Want to keep skin moisturized in the winter time? Actually, it isn’t as hard as you thought as long as you seriously follow these 7 winter skin care tips from now on. Continue reading How to Moisturize Your Skin in the Winter?