Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

cavia-porcellusAre guinea pigs nocturnal animals? For this question, to put it simply the answer is no. But hopefully answer like this won’t lead you to think that they are diurnal. In other words, they are not diurnal creatures either. So, is there a right word used to describe the activity and habit that is between diurnal and nocturnal? Yes, this technical term is “crepuscular.” Continue reading Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Do You Make These 15 Mistakes in Hamster Care?

hamster-mistakesDocile and adaptive pet hamsters are well suited for people who have small house and little spare time but adore the furry little things. If you are the first-time hamster owner, you are very likely to meet many problems and thus make mistakes as a result of lack of care experience. Although you can learn through trial and error, your pet just can’t wait and might be killed by your fault. So learn it before you bring your pet hamster home. And here are the most common mistakes you may do in hamster care no matter what breed your pet hamster is. Try your best to avoid them when you do keep one at home. Continue reading Do You Make These 15 Mistakes in Hamster Care?

What Do Rats Eat?

rats-foodAs a tough rodent, rats can be found in almost every part of the world. And the most common two species are black rats and brown rats. Although they may be different in species and in sizes, what they eat is basically the same. In short, rats are omnivorous animal and eat what a human being eats. When they are far away from humans, they mainly feed on flower seeds or berries. Continue reading What Do Rats Eat?