What does Lis Pendens Mean?

foreclosure-property-for-saleA Lis Pendens is not a legal term that most people are familiar with. For most homeowners, they are aware of the presence of this term only if this filed notice stops them from refinancing a home loan. That’s to say, the real restate concerned is involving a pending lawsuit and this particular property’s title is doubtful. At the same time, this notice is also considered a bad signal for a potential purchaser or lender. Continue reading What does Lis Pendens Mean?

MAI Appraisal

sra-real-estate-appraiserWhen it comes to commercial real estate, MAI appraisals are a professional designation for appraisers that have to be mentioned. The reason is very simple – it sets the standards for the field. In fact, MAI is the abbreviation of Member of the Appraisal Institute. Just as you know, this is an appraisal trade organization but an “appraisal.” Continue reading MAI Appraisal