How to Prevent Birth Defects Before and During Pregnancy?

congenital-disorder-preventionBirth defects are an important cause of childhood disability and death. When children were born with disabilities, it pains their family and the society. The most common 5 congenital disorders are cleft lip, neural tube defects, polydactyly, congenital heart disease, and hydrocephalus. Although many of them can’t be totally prevented, their chance can be greatly reduced if people who want to become parents, especially moms-to-be, have taken preventive measures before and during pregnancy. Continue reading How to Prevent Birth Defects Before and During Pregnancy?

Do Ovarian Cysts Make You Infertile?

fluid-filled-sacs-in-the-ovaryOvarian cysts are a common disease in women. For many patients, taking medication is the preferred option. However, the symptoms of this disease are not so obvious, which makes the patient often exceeds the best treatment time. For that reason, the treatment options are being limited. It is worth mentioning that getting pregnant during sickness is inadvisable. So, we often come across question like “If I have an ovarian cyst, am I infertile?” Well, in most cases it won’t decrease your chances of becoming pregnant, but in some rare cases it may. Continue reading Do Ovarian Cysts Make You Infertile?

Is It Safe To Eat Saffron While Pregnant?

saffron-milk-benefitsSaffron, also known as kesar, is a valuable medicinal herb and spice. In fact, it is the stigma or style of the Saffron Crocus flower. Many people think that the benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy are enormous though some say that there are risks, including abortive conditions, to the expectant mothers by doing so. So, is it good to take saffron during pregnancy? Admittedly, that’s an interesting question to pursue. Continue reading Is It Safe To Eat Saffron While Pregnant?

Is it good to Eat Dates during Pregnancy?

healthy-foods-during-pregnancySpeaking of the health benefits of eating dates, many of you may have heard it a lot. Indeed, it has long been prized as an amazing blood tonic in the east. For that reason, it is frequently used for weakness after overcoming an illness, anemia, cold hands and feet, and so on. However, if you are pregnant you may probably wonder: “Can we eat dates during pregnancy?” Simply put, it is rather safe to consume as long as you eat it properly. Continue reading Is it good to Eat Dates during Pregnancy?

Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

pre-ejaculatory-fluidSexual excitement tends to make men release precum, which is also formally known as pre-ejaculatory fluid. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. This clear, colorless bodily fluid works like a lubricant, preparing for a normal sex life. So, what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum? Well, the chances of conception from pre-cum are approximately zero since only dead or no sperm exists there. Continue reading Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Third Trimester Nausea

late-pregnancy-symptoms-of-laborThird trimester refers to weeks 27-40 of pregnancy. That’s to say, you will expect to welcome a new life in only a couple of weeks. For a few of you with nausea during the third trimester, this is still one of the tough times of your pregnancy. Just like fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and hot flashes, nausea is also one of common third trimester symptoms. In fact, nausea may be more common than you think. Continue reading Third Trimester Nausea

Can Eating Nuts during Pregnancy Make a Baby Smarter?

nuts-benefits-for-brainIf you are interested in this topic, you must have heard that eating nuts during pregnancy may help boost baby’s brain power. After all, a health, smart baby is always the biggest hope for all expectant mothers. But is this true? It’s important to note that so far there is no conclusive evidence found in relevant studies. However, one thing quite certain is that taking the proper amount of nuts during pregnancy can benefit both expectant mothers and babies. Continue reading Can Eating Nuts during Pregnancy Make a Baby Smarter?