Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

people-food-for-dogsNeedless to say, eating bananas is good for health since it provides your body with a lot of essential nutrients. For that reason, as pet owners many of you would also consider to give your dog a banana. So, the question is: can dogs eat bananas? Well, technically the answer is yes. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to before you feed your dogs any human foods. Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Does the Color of Light Affect Fish?

plant-growthAs a devoted pet fish owner, in order to take good care of them you’ll certainly pay attention to all details, among which aquarium lighting can be one of big concerns although many of you are not fully convinced. So, does the color of light affect fish? If yes, how does the aquarium decoration impact them? Read on please if you want to know the right answer. Continue reading Does the Color of Light Affect Fish?

Where do Fleas Come From?

flea-infestationFleas are a type of disgusting external parasite since they carry a lot of germs. If you are one of those who are sensitive to flea bites, you are very likely to get some skin diseases because of that. The presence of these small, agile insects in your house is easy to understand if you have pets like dogs and cats. However, the surprising thing is that you may still find them even though you don’t keep any pets. So, where do fleas come from if you don’t have pets? Continue reading Where do Fleas Come From?