Are Silverfish Poisonous?

silverfish-biteSilverfish looks a bit like house centipede. This creepy appearance often makes you think that it is dangerous and poisonous to humans and pets like cats and dogs. So, are silverfish harmful just like venomous centipedes? If you are having an infestation of silverfish in your house, read and find out facts about this small insect now. Continue reading Are Silverfish Poisonous?

Paper Mites

paper-mites-picturesYou probably hear about paper mites but have never actually seen one. If you ever work or live in conference room, office, or other narrow and small space, it’s likely that you’ve ever suffered from itchy red welts on skin. Since the welts look like insect bites and stings but you are not sure what insect causes it, you may presume that the symptoms should come from mite bites. At this point it is quite natural that getting rid of these creepy crawlers as soon as possible will be your principle concern. But wait since in this matter you have to be really clear what they are in the first place. Continue reading Paper Mites

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

gnatsOnce fruit flies show at home, there is no easy ways to get rid of them anymore. If you are also one of victims who have done a lot of attempts to remove them but finally tragically failed, it is time for you to take a new look at this tiny but tenacious rival now. For you, it is just a matter of comfort. But for them, it is a battle of life instead. Taken in this sense, it is not hard to see why you tend to lose since this battle means more for fruit flies. That’s to say, every minute counts for fruit flies and they reproduce so fast that you are always a little behind even though you thought you’ve taken good care of the fruits and vegetables that are under suspicion. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies