How Long is Pharmacy Tech School?

steps-to-becoming-a-pharmacy-technicianA pharmacy technician, or called a pharmaceutical technician sometimes, refers to a pharmacy aid staff member. As the name implies, he or she is trained to assist a licensed pharmacist or equivalent. If you want to become such a healthcare worker too, in most cases you have to finish the related training program and receive your diploma in the first place. So, the next question you may ask is, “How long does pharmacy technician certification take?” After all, this is one of common concerns for those who aspire to pursue a career in this field. Continue reading How Long is Pharmacy Tech School?

Medical Payment Data

credit-bureauOn a subconscious level you probably already know that “Medical Payment Data” shown on your credit report is not a good thing. It is true that it means a medical debt you should pay off earlier. In fact, very often you won’t know it until a third party gets your credit report and tell you so. The third party here refers to a bank or savings and loan association, to which you apply for a car or mortgage loan. Continue reading Medical Payment Data

Examples of Misdemeanors

what-is-considered-a-misdemeanorMisdemeanors are a criminal act between a felony and a regulatory offense. So is the severity of the punishment. In the USA, misdemeanors can be punished with more than 12 months imprisonment, monetary fines, community service, and probation. Since they are considered a less serious crime, the offender won’t face a long prison sentence. However, the record can have a negative effect on some civil privileges and job or career prospects. An important point to make here: examples of misdemeanors can be different under different jurisdiction. And the common ones are petty theft, simple assault, trespassing, indecent exposure, speeding, vandalism, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, domestic violence, prostitution, and the like. Continue reading Examples of Misdemeanors

Does Academy Sports Have Layaway?

academy-sports-and-outdoorsDoes Academy have layaway on guns? If you try to look for related information on the website of Academy Sports + Outdoors, you’re very likely to be disappointed since nothing relevant is mentioned there. Or you can call the customer support phone number 1 (888) 922-2336 to get a reply. Continue reading Does Academy Sports Have Layaway?

Do Rooms To Go Have Layaway?

ashley-furniture-vs-rooms-to-go-qualityDoes Rooms To Go offer layaway? Simply put, it does. But it is not the end of this question. That is to say, you may meet a series of troubles during this period. In fact, online there are a lot of complaints about this Florida-based furniture store chain, which has more than 150 stores all over the country. You can easily find complaints and reviews about it as long as you type in the keyword in Google search. Continue reading Do Rooms To Go Have Layaway?

401a vs 401k

difference-between-401k-and-401aWhen it comes to retirement savings plans, 401(k) and 401(a) are the two a lot of you should really look into. Just as their names suggest, although based on the same tax code “401”, they are with the different suffixes of “k” and “a”, which also indicates that they are something different. While they are closely related to the interest of both employers and employees, unfortunately many of you haven’t the slightest inkling about them even though you have already participated in these accounts for years. That is partly because the daunting, unfathomable legal terminology. In this case, now let’s analyze their difference carefully and then explain them in simple terms. Continue reading 401a vs 401k

Purpose of Auto Insurance

car-insurance-informationWhat is auto insurance for? You would also ask this question if you spend good money on it with no return and, worse still, you have to pay it each year. In fact, many newbies, even veterans who never made a claim on their insurance, feel confused about the purpose of car insurance. Anyway, it’s important to note that it is a kind of financial protection to the drivers as well as their family. So, you need more understanding of a few concepts on vehicle insurance to dispel such concerns if any. Continue reading Purpose of Auto Insurance

Top 10 Reliable Scholarship Websites

college-scholarship-finderUsually your guidance counselor and college admissions officer would be on top of mind whenever you are in search for a free scholarship. Besides, you could really use those reliable scholarship websites to locate the best scholarship opportunities for you. In fact, there are many helpful scholarships websites out there that are trustworthy and accredited due to their professionalism, good interaction, and timely updates. So, make good use of them to get you started. Continue reading Top 10 Reliable Scholarship Websites

How to Evaluate Stock Market Performance?

bull-and-bearStock market performance is something hard to explain. That’s why so many experts try to interpret it from the perspective of psychology and perception. Apparently this interpretation isn’t much help to most ordinary investors since it is too unfathomable and intangible. Luckily, in addition to psychology and perception, there are other tangible and decisive economic variables that you can rely on to predict the trends. Continue reading How to Evaluate Stock Market Performance?

Factors Affecting Performance of Stock Market

stock-market-factorsIn response to the question of how to evaluate the stock market, many people may seek the answers from the perspectives of policy, funding, international environment, and so on. Admittedly, this is a good idea and it is true that these factors always play an important role in the operation of this particular market. Besides, a number of other factors or events, especially its intrinsic law, are of equal importance and should not be missed. Continue reading Factors Affecting Performance of Stock Market