Natural Foods That Work Like Viagra

best-natural-viagra-foodsWhen it comes to drugs that treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men, Viagra is undoubtedly the most known one. For those unaware, there are many foods with Viagra-like effect too. And here are the top 10 foods that deliver the benefits of the Viagra. It is worth mentioning that they have no all of the side effects of Viagra. Continue reading Natural Foods That Work Like Viagra

Foods for Healthy Prostate Gland

difficulty-with-urinationA healthy prostate gland, for all its obvious significance, plays an indispensable role in the male fertility. Unfortunately, this walnut-sized gland is the most vulnerable gland in a male body. This is why prostatitis or an enlarged prostate is common in male. Statistics show that 80% of older men around the world are affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Good news is that it is easy to keep yours healthy as long as you stick to a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Continue reading Foods for Healthy Prostate Gland

Testosterone Shots Side Effects

low-testosterone-therapyWe all know that testosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for male sexuality, such as growth of facial hair and deep voice. What’s more, a lack of this hormone would cause a negative impact on the emotional and physical health in men and the symptoms can range from a low libido to depression. In this case, doctors may prescribe testosterone shots to give a boost. However, it is worth mentioning that these injections may cause side effects, especially when it has to be used for a long time in the treatment of infertility and blood disorders. Continue reading Testosterone Shots Side Effects

Penis Chafing

skin-irritation-on-the-penisChafing on penis is one of common penis health problems. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as rough masturbation, intense aggressive sex, bad hygiene, and skintight pants. As you can see, to some extent all of them associate with dryness and friction. However, you can’t exclude the possibility either that it may result from severer diseases like balanitis. Whatever, the moisture of sweat in the genital area will increase the odds of infection in the chafed or irritated penile skin. So, this likelihood should not be viewed lightly. Continue reading Penis Chafing

Where did Herpes Come from?

history-of-herpesOnce you were diagnosed with genital herpes by your OB-GYN, regardless of HSV 1 or HSV 2, probably it really makes you wonder why you had a breakout since both you and your sexual partner are not promiscuous. And the worst or most bizarre thing is that your partner is negative and has no symptom at all. At the same time, you are suffering from symptoms like blisters, sores, fever, or swollen lymph nodes. Apparently, it puts you under a lot of stress. Hopefully this article could really help you out. Continue reading Where did Herpes Come from?

Does Pineapple Make Semen Taste Better?

pineapple-semenIf you are someone who does care about sperm taste for some reason, probably you have heard that it is closely related to what you eat. That’s to say, you can improve the taste of your semen by simply changing your diet. And among foods with semen-sweetening properties pineapple itself and pineapple juice seem one of the most popular choices these days. So, can eating pineapple really make a difference in your semen flavor? Continue reading Does Pineapple Make Semen Taste Better?

Penis Discoloration

discolored-penis-skinNo other parts of the body are more likely to cause panic than the penis in men when it comes to skin problems no matter it is discoloration, dryness, red patch, white pimples, brown spots, small blisters, acne, or others. That’s totally understandable since these mentioned symptoms may indicate sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, as far as penis skin discoloration is concerned, this is quite normal in most cases. However, in some other cases of discolored penis skin, you need to get it checked out especially when you have a suspicion. After all, you need that confirmation no matter it is a STD or not. Continue reading Penis Discoloration

Dry Skin on Penis Head

dry-penis-headJust like penis skin discoloration, the dry, flaky skin on penis head could send a man into panic too. So, what on early causes it? In fact, it can be triggered by many factors, among which the most common one is balanitis. And balanitis often occurs in men with long or ‘redundant’ foreskin. Besides, other common causes also include allergies, poor personal hygiene, STD’s, infection of staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, Candida albicans, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungi or other bacteria, and so on. Continue reading Dry Skin on Penis Head

Jock Itch vs Herpes

jock-itch-or-herpes-picturesA rash in genital area may cause feelings of panic since it can be genital herpes. But the good news is that it could be a tinea cruris too since both of them are characterized by itchiness in that area. In fact, they are easy to tell apart because there is a big difference between them. However, this is a fact that bumps in genital area can easily be mistaken for herpes especially when you are lack of related medical training. For that reason, now let’s help you get rid of this unnecessary mental stress by discerning between herpes and jock itch. Continue reading Jock Itch vs Herpes

Can a Vasectomy Cause Low Testosterone?

vasectomy-and-testosterone-levelsClinically vasectomy has been around for a very long time because it is a simple and effective way of contraception. It is generally believed to be safe, but occasionally there are some side effects, such as postoperative bleeding, fistula of seminiferous tubule, painful nodules, epididymitis with sperm stasis, and the like. When it comes to the impact on testosterone levels, there is a lot of controversy in the medical field. And two opposite conclusions have been made based on the respective study results. Continue reading Can a Vasectomy Cause Low Testosterone?