Does Lemon Juice Really Fade Freckles?

freckle-remover-that-worksIn recent years lemon has become a popular remedy for treating freckles. So, will lemon juice really get rid of freckles? Apparently, many people who are ready to try this method like to know the exact answer. To be honest, it won’t actually get rid of freckles, but it does make them less noticeable since it has a lightening effect. It is worth mentioning that it has long been used as a bleaching agent and this is why many people like to use it for highlighting streaks of hair in summer. So, this home remedy for freckles is still worthwhile today. Continue reading Does Lemon Juice Really Fade Freckles?

Citric Acid Uses

citric-acid-monohydratePowdered citric acid, also known as lemon salt or sour salt, is colorless, water-soluble crystals with a strong tart flavor. It is found naturally in citrus fruits, especially in lemons and limes. When it comes to its common uses, perhaps the best known one is serving as a food preservative and flavor enhancer. However, you may not know that it can come in handy in cleaning, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries too. So, now let’s find out what exactly this weak organic tribasic acid can do for you. Continue reading Citric Acid Uses

Lemon and Diabetes Type 2

bitter-lemon-for-diabetesProbably you’ve been heard that lemon water could treat diabetes, especially the type 2. This claim is true and it would be even true when you consume the lemon pulp too. And it is worth mentioning that the antidiabetic properties of lemon mainly come from two important ingredients – vitamin C and soluble fiber. So, if you want to cure diabetes, this is a good idea to add it into your diabetic diet to help you keep your blood sugar under control. Continue reading Lemon and Diabetes Type 2

Benefits of Eating Lemon Everyday

eating-lemons-for-lealthScientifically known as Citrus Limon, Lemon is a wonderful fruit that is so good for human health since it is packed with tons of nutrients and antioxidants. It comes from Asian countries and now can be found around the world. If you incorporate lemons in your diet on daily basis, you can enjoy a series of benefits from providing flavor to helping burn fat and lose weight. Learn all about this amazing citrus growing in warmer climates now! Continue reading Benefits of Eating Lemon Everyday

Is Lemon Water Good for Pregnancy?

lemon-water-during-pregnancyThe sweet and sour lemon water is a great attraction to many, especially to women in early pregnancy. Almost every expectant mother has morning sickness during her first trimester. In this case, a cup of sweet sour drink is something that can make her crave something again. However, you may doubt that is it safe to drink it in this special time and is it good for the baby’s development? If it is, what are the health benefits for pregnant women then? Continue reading Is Lemon Water Good for Pregnancy?

Lemon Water Side Effects and Contraindications

lemon-water-contraindicationsNo doubt lemon is a kind of fruit with very high nutritional and medicinal value. It contains a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. In view of its incredible versatility, lemon water becomes one of the most essential drinks today. Still and all, the reality is that lemon has two sides too. So, pay attention to its possible side effects and contraindications while you take advantage of its benefits. Continue reading Lemon Water Side Effects and Contraindications

15 Benefits of Lemon Water

lemon-water-benefitsAs it is widely known, lemon is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C, which is the reason why so many people perceive it as one of best beauty foods these days. Similarly, lemon water, its most direct and popular usage, can provide you with at least 15 health benefits, let alone its unique flavor itself is something you just can’t bring yourself to turn down. Now let me explain point by point why you should drink one cup of it every morning. Continue reading 15 Benefits of Lemon Water

How to Make Fresh Lemon Water?

lemon-waterIf your taste buds are difficult to please, the only thing about fresh lemon you can complain is its slightly sour taste. You may dislike it for that, but you just can’t deny the fact that it has tons of health benefits. Moreover, the lemon flavor itself is one of the important factors that make lemon so popular around the world these days. So, it is good to consume lemon on daily basis. Actually it has become the secret weapon of many beauty-conscious women, because it helps weight loss, better skin, detox, colon cleanse, freckle removal, and so on. Among all methods of consuming lemon, apparently making lemon water is the quickest and most convenient one. Continue reading How to Make Fresh Lemon Water?