Teas For Digestive Problems

It’s no fun for anyone if he or she is suffering from common digestive disorders, for example IBS and heartburn. When it comes to the treatments, a cup of tea can sometimes work wonders in relieving symptoms like indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, or gas, aside from a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. So, what are the best teas that are good for digestion? Here is a list for reference. Continue reading Teas For Digestive Problems

What Foods To Avoid With Upset Stomach?

While the BRAT diet is often considered one of the best foods to eat with upset stomach and diarrhea, physicians also advise the sufferers not to try some certain foods because they are very likely to make the symptoms worse. And the typical foods to avoid when having upset stomach include caffeine-containing foods and drinks, spices, gas-producing foods, high-fat foods, carbonated drinks and beer, and the like. Continue reading What Foods To Avoid With Upset Stomach?

What Food Makes Your Stomach Feel Better?

When it comes to how to get relief from stomach ache, some certain foods can help make your feel better fast, provided you haven’t a fever or other symptoms at the same time. If you do have, apparently it makes more sense for you to visit a doctor to get appropriate treatment. Continue reading What Food Makes Your Stomach Feel Better?

Does Acidophilus Cure Bad Breath?

lactobacillus-acidophilusAcidophilus can be used to get rid of bad breath, but it is conditional. As is known to all that halitosis can be triggered by a few factors, such as oral diseases, poor dental hygiene, endocrine disorders, periodontal gum disease, certain foods, and so on. Good news is that acidophilus can help improve your chronic, stinky breath, especially when it is caused by gastrointestinal problems. This is because it is able to change the flora of your intestinal tract to improve your gastrointestinal function. As a result, you will say goodbye to breath problem, especially you’ve improved your daily dental care too. Continue reading Does Acidophilus Cure Bad Breath?

Benefits of Having Bacteria in Your Gut

gut-microbiotaThe intestinal tracts are the largest micro-ecological system in human body. You may think that the presence of gut bacteria there is bad for your health. On the contrary, intestinal bacteria can benefit your health when the good ones outnumber the bad or they are in balance. So, taking good care of your gut can help you maintain your overall health. And the gut flora health benefits mainly focus on the following aspects. Continue reading Benefits of Having Bacteria in Your Gut

Different Colors of Poop and What They Mean

stool-color-chartNo doubt, a healthy digestive system is an important part of your overall health. Inadvertently your body will issue a warning to express the discomfort and unpleasant feeling when things go wrong. In this case, your poop color, shape, texture, odor, and consistency can be a valuable reference since they pass on the first-hand information about your health. Continue reading Different Colors of Poop and What They Mean

What does it Mean when Your Poop is Green?

green-poop-in-babies-diaperIs green poop bad? Of course it’s normal for you to be worried about it even though you see no other health problem for the time being. In this case, your bowel movements can be green and runny, green and blue, green like grass, and the like. However, it is worth mentioning that most would be normal, and in many cases, they should be visibly alarmed. So next let’s figure out what happen if your poop is green. Continue reading What does it Mean when Your Poop is Green?

What Side is Your Appendix on?

sharp-pain-on-right-sideSo, where is the appendix located, right or left side of your body? This is an important question especially when you believe that you might currently have appendicitis. Being a relatively common disease, appendicitis can inflict both men and women of any age. This disease can be acute or chronic. In general, the chronic one is treated through medication while the acute one through surgery. Continue reading What Side is Your Appendix on?

What To Eat For Constipation?

impacted-stoolIf you are constipated, that means you have less bowel movements or your stool is too hard to pass. This condition can be occasional or chronic. Regardless of which one it is, usually dietary and lifestyle changes are required if you don’t want it to get worse. Actually, many foods have a laxative effect and you can call them “foods for constipation”, which apparently can help prevent and relieve your constipation. Continue reading What To Eat For Constipation?

Foods to Eat to Avoid Constipation

natural-constipation-reliefConstipation is entirely preventable and the easiest way is to start from the diet. On the one side, you need to drink more water; on the other side, you eat more foods high in fiber or organic acids or those that can produce gas. Some of you who have ever tried this method might complain that it didn’t work for you at all. This problem is likely to arise in the selection of diet. If you eat the foods that cause constipation instead, you just did the opposite. So, identifying anti-constipation foods is your first priority now. Continue reading Foods to Eat to Avoid Constipation