Are Silverfish Poisonous?

silverfish-biteSilverfish looks a bit like house centipede. This creepy appearance often makes you think that it is dangerous and poisonous to humans and pets like cats and dogs. So, are silverfish harmful just like venomous centipedes? If you are having an infestation of silverfish in your house, read and find out facts about this small insect now. Continue reading Are Silverfish Poisonous?

Are Stink Bugs Harmful?

halyomorpha-halysIf you live in a house surrounded by many trees, you are very likely to see frequent visits by an uninvited guest called stink bugs. This bug is just as annoying as flea, another serious pest that lives by feeding on the blood of other animals. Some of you may have killed at least one out of fear, disgust, or other reasons. However, the kill may bring a bigger worry to you since it stinks when it is crushed, just as its name suggests. So, are stink bugs harmful to you and your pets like cats and dogs and how to get rid of stink bugs if yes? Continue reading Are Stink Bugs Harmful?