Does Echinacea Boost Immune System?

purple-coneflowersEchinacea has long been used as a natural cold medicine in Europe and America. So far it is considered the best immunostimulant among herbs. This herb can help relieve colds, fight virus, get rid of toxins, and increase the concentration of endogenous substances related to the body’s immune system, the number and defense capability of white blood cells, the concentration of the body’s endocrine disruptors, and the activity of killer cells and antibodies that fight foreign objects, microbes and tumors. Continue reading Does Echinacea Boost Immune System?

Best Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System

natural-immune-boostersSo, what are the best foods that boost immune system for babies? No doubt this answer is important to many parents. That is understandable since good immunity, for the most part, means getting sick less often. To be honest, there is no such a magic food that can strengthen immunity immediately as it is associated with overall nutritional status. Instead, there is a close link between a strong immunity and a balanced and healthy diet. Continue reading Best Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System