How Much Does Coffee Boost Metabolism?

caffeine-boost-metabolismYou may have heard that drinking coffee regularly could help burn calories and lose weight. So, does caffeine increase your metabolism? Now this view has been confirmed scientifically. The resting metabolic rate can increase by 3 to 4 percent after consumption of 100 mg doses of caffeine, according to a study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. Continue reading How Much Does Coffee Boost Metabolism?

Fast Metabolism vs. Slow Metabolism

food-good-for-metabolismMetabolism, including substance and energy, is the general name for total chemical reactions happened in living cells. This process is closely related to your body, especially when you want to lose weight or gain weight. So, the questions are: which one is good for you, fast or slow metabolism? How do you know yours is high or low? Now, let’s help you get to know your body better and live a healthier life. Continue reading Fast Metabolism vs. Slow Metabolism

Benefits of a Fast Metabolism

what-does-having-a-high-metabolism-meanMetabolism is a self-renewing process of the living things. That’s to say, their lives will be over once this process has ceased. As for human body, a fast metabolism has its pros and cons. When it comes to health benefits of having a high metabolism, for many of you weight loss will come to mind first, won’t it? However, the advantages of a fast metabolic rate are certainly not limited to burn fat faster only. Continue reading Benefits of a Fast Metabolism