Teas For Digestive Problems

It’s no fun for anyone if he or she is suffering from common digestive disorders, for example IBS and heartburn. When it comes to the treatments, a cup of tea can sometimes work wonders in relieving symptoms like indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, or gas, aside from a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. So, what are the best teas that are good for digestion? Here is a list for reference. Continue reading Teas For Digestive Problems

Herbs Good For Nausea

As one of the most common complaints of patients with acid reflux, morning sickness, gastroparesis, motion sickness, and cancer, nausea is a symptom that is hard to put words to. The good news is that some natural nausea remedies may soothe the stomach fast. Although herbs used for nausea appear to be safe for most people, it is highly recommended that they should be used under the supervision of a physician. On the one hand, physician can make it work in the right way. On the other hand, physician can help avoid the possible side effects and contraindications. Continue reading Herbs Good For Nausea

Health Benefits of Mulberry Leaf Tea

white-mulberry-tree-leavesAs is known to all, the fruit of a white mulberry tree is very tasty and juicy when it turns dark purple to black. When it comes to the appearance and taste, it resembles raspberry and black berries. It is worth mentioning that the mulberry tree leaves tea yields a variety of health benefits too. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s not a joke and the leaves of Morus alba that silkworms eat can be made into an herbal drink with many incredible benefits. Of course, sometimes other ingredients, such as nuts and black tea, are added to this tea to improve the flavor or functions. Continue reading Health Benefits of Mulberry Leaf Tea

Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Root Tea

taraxacum-leaf-and-rootThere are many reasons to drink dandelion root tea, to be sure. This tea is very popular these days because it contains a variety of healthy nutrients, such as taraxol, taraxerol, taraxasterol, choline, inulin, caffeic acid, pectin, and so on. To put it simply, medicinally it can act as a diuretic, laxative, cholagogue, and more while nutritionally it is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins. No wonder dandelion now is mainly grown for culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses in some countries. And the medicinal benefits of dandelion root are mainly shown in the following aspects. Continue reading Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Root Tea

Is Monk Fruit Safe for Pregnancy?

luo-han-guo-teaSo, is monk fruit safe to eat during pregnancy? Simply put, it is. Since this is something less familiar, it is understandable that pregnant women are cautious about it. This fruit mainly contains triterpene and its glycosides. From a nutritional point of view, it is rich in vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals. These nutrients can help the baby grow. So, this is not one of foods that may be harmful for pregnancy. Continue reading Is Monk Fruit Safe for Pregnancy?

Dyslipidemia Diet

dyslipidemia-treatmentThere is no denying that these days dyslipidemia is mostly hyperlipidemias. That means you are more likely to have high cholesterol and lipid levels if you have poor diet habits, unhealthy lifestyle choices, overweight, and the like. In this case, if you want to manage your dyslipidemia you can also break your bad eating and exercise habits and replace them with a healthier new one besides of medication. Continue reading Dyslipidemia Diet

Tulsi Tea Side Effects

tulsi-tea-reviewsAs the name implies, Tulsi tea, or better known as holy basil tea, is a kind of tea made from Ocimum sanctum’s blossoms, leaves, or seeds. These days this herbal brew is quite popular and often used to regulate the systems of the body and inhibit reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides. In fact, Tulsi is one of traditional herb used in Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest medical systems originated in India. Powdered whole plant of Tulsi can treat headache, colds, stomach pain, inflammation, heart disease, poisoning, malaria, asthma, and so on. Although it is good for your health, side effects of holy basil tea can’t be ignored either. Continue reading Tulsi Tea Side Effects