Does Stress Cause Hemorrhoids?

my-hemorrhoid-is-killing-meAdmittedly, mental stress and anxiety are now a major problem to most modern people. More often than not stress negatively affects people’s mental and physical health. For hemorrhoids sufferers, the question they are concerned about is that are hemorrhoids and stress related? Yes, they are since emotional stress, in particular the chronic one, can be a root cause for the flare-ups. This conclusion might sound a little strange to some sufferers since they are often told that it is mainly caused by constipation, pregnancy, and straining at stools. So, now let’s find out that how does stress affect hemorrhoids flare. Continue reading Does Stress Cause Hemorrhoids?

How to Prevent Hemorrhoids from Coming Back?

hemorrhoids-preventionProbably you know that hemorrhoids patients are prone to recurrence. Then why is that so? Perhaps the answer is to be found in everyday life. That’s to say, if you indulge, whether consciously or unconsciously, some unhealthy living habits or fail to take preventive measures, hemorrhoids will take hold again. So, if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids for good, prevention is the key. Continue reading How to Prevent Hemorrhoids from Coming Back?