What Color Are Hemorrhoids?

Anyone can get a hemorrhoid, especially when you are hugely stressful all the time, since this is the most common cause of rectal and anal complaints. If you haven’t had experienced this disease before you may be curious about what it looks like and what color hemorrhoids are supposed to be? Now let’s learn the symptoms of hemorrhoids in order to help you to get better diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading What Color Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid Pillow

hemorrhoid-seat-cushion-reviewsBesides of over-the-counter hemorrhoid medication, topical creams, and surgery, is there anything that can give quick relief to hemorrhoid pain? It is fair to say that a hemorrhoid pillow can be one of ideal options in this regard. This is because its design is based on one of the most common causes of this condition – prolonged sitting. Since nowadays sedentary lifestyle is inevitable to most people, the only way out is to minimize the health hazards caused by sedentary desk jobs. From this perspective, sitting on pillows is a good option to find quick relief. Continue reading Hemorrhoid Pillow

Does Stress Cause Hemorrhoids?

my-hemorrhoid-is-killing-meAdmittedly, mental stress and anxiety are now a major problem to most modern people. More often than not stress negatively affects people’s mental and physical health. For hemorrhoids sufferers, the question they are concerned about is that are hemorrhoids and stress related? Yes, they are since emotional stress, in particular the chronic one, can be a root cause for the flare-ups. This conclusion might sound a little strange to some sufferers since they are often told that it is mainly caused by constipation, pregnancy, and straining at stools. So, now let’s find out that how does stress affect hemorrhoids flare. Continue reading Does Stress Cause Hemorrhoids?

What is a Hemorrhoid Donut?

hemorrhoid-cushionA hemorrhoid donut is named so for a simple reason – it looks like a doughnut. In fact, it is a type of cushion designed for a specific purpose. Sometimes it is called ring cushion too due to the O-shaped style. By the way, another popular similar item is hemorrhoid pillow, which is more conventional in appearance. Actually they work the same way although they look slightly different. Continue reading What is a Hemorrhoid Donut?