List of High Satiety Foods

avocado-satietyIt is common knowledge that eating less or exercising can help lose weight fast. However, it can be so hard to resist the temptation of delicious treats and drinks. So, is there a method that can help weight loss while still satisfying your palates? Well, eating low-calorie, high-satiety foods is the ideal solution you are seeking. Now the question is: what is a high-satiety diet and how can you quickly identify whether or not they will satisfy your hunger with fewer calories? Well, here is a list for your reference. Continue reading List of High Satiety Foods

Spicy Food before Sleep

chili-headFor the vast majority of people, the basic metric of personal happiness is to eat right and get enough sleep. Of course, this is also the central premise of physiological and psychological well-being. However, they turn out to be the most two challenging things for modern lifestyle because today people have to manage enormous stress in a fast-paced world. In addition to busy work, some common habits can make you upset one side or other too. For example, eating spicy foods before bed may lead to sleep problems and other health problems. Continue reading Spicy Food before Sleep

Natural Detox Food List

natural-detox-dietSince a lot of diseases are caused by excessive accumulation of toxins, you have to detox your body regularly to stay healthy all the time. In this case, eating natural detox foods can be one of the safest and most effective ways when it comes to flush out the toxic chemicals stored in the body. Health experts point out that the following natural detox food list is highly recommended. Continue reading Natural Detox Food List

4 Foods that Detoxify Your Body

how-to-start-a-detoxSo, what are the best foods to eat to detox your body? No doubt, this is a very important question for those who do care about their bodies. Admittedly, air toxins, electronic product radiation, and poor eating habits can lead to the accumulation of toxins in your bodies these days. And you might have already known that a buildup of toxins in the body will end up seriously affecting your health. Since there are many ways to detox your body, it is understandable that you may choose some cleansing drugs. However, all drugs can have benefits and serious side effects. In comparison, detox foods, after all, are one of the safest ways you can count on. So back to the beginning question, a lot of detox experts recommend these big four – cloud ear fungus, pig blood, green beans, and honey. So, give them a try if you want to do a body cleanse with foods only. Continue reading 4 Foods that Detoxify Your Body

Top 12 High-Calorie Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

calorie-dense-foodsIf you are looking to lose weight, probably the first thing you need to know is what foods you should never eat. After all, proper exercising and healthy eating can be a good start. However, it’s easier said than done. You’ll find that temptation is hard for you to resist. The calorie-dense foods that are loaded with salt, sugar and fat often get in the way of your perfect weight loss plan. If you are in a similar situation too, you need to be very determined and say no to these 12 high-calorie foods. Continue reading Top 12 High-Calorie Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Best 10 Detox Foods

detox regimensDue to the presence of air pollution, pesticide residues, compounds in cigarette smoke, and other hazardous toxic sources, toxin more or less exists in the human body. If they are not removed, they will negatively affect your health. Some of you may think that detoxifying the body means the complex process and painful fasts. However, this process can be very simple as well if you choose the right detox foods. Now let’s take a look at what the best 10 detox foods can do to your body. Continue reading Best 10 Detox Foods

Quail Egg Benefits

uses-for-quail-eggsWhen it comes to the benefits of eating quail egg, you may not know that this is also one of amazing brain-boosting supplements. Recently it was reported that it has better effect on improving your brain power than walnuts do. Admittedly, this is good news for students, office workers, and those who are more mentally active, especially when they experience some mild symptoms of brain overuse, such as dizziness, memory loss, comprehension problems, slow response, lower productivity, and a series of vicious chain reaction. Continue reading Quail Egg Benefits

Healthy Foods for Men to Eat

men's-health-perfect-week-of-eatingAs modern men, you need a healthier body to better adapt today’s hectic pace of life. In fact, it is easy to do so once you get the hang of it. At least, it’s not as difficult as you think. For example, a healthy eating can be a good idea since it can offer you with much more benefits that you possibly could have anticipated. In other words, sometimes the healthy diet works better than any medication. Of course, first you need to know what men’s health foods are. If you have no idea where to start, here is a list for your reference. Continue reading Healthy Foods for Men to Eat

Does Dark Chocolate Prevent Stroke?

foods-to-eat-to-prevent-strokeDoes eating dark chocolate prevent stroke? Now, this question seems to be pretty well answered. Recently, the British “Daily Mail” published online that scientists found that eating a moderate amount of chocolate on daily basis linked to lower heart disease and stroke risk. This conclusion is the result of a 12-year follow-up study carried out in 21,000 British. Continue reading Does Dark Chocolate Prevent Stroke?

Snow Peas Health Benefits

pisum-sativum-var-saccharatumAre snow peas healthy? Yes, no doubt. This sweet, succulent legume can play a very important role in enhancing your body’s metabolic function. More than that, it has other health benefits, such as high nutritional value, refreshing crispness, anti-aging, enhancing complexion, and so on. For that reason, they have become one of popular vegetables in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other places. Continue reading Snow Peas Health Benefits