How to Fix Dry Damaged Hair without Cutting It?

dry-brittle-hairYour skin is assaulted by many things, ranging from sun exposure to cigarette smoke. So is your hair. And this is why yours become dry, brittle, damaged and dull over time. Some of you may think that cutting it can help you get thick, shiny, and healthy one again. However, it isn’t true. What’s important to know is that undoing hair damage doesn’t happen overnight. That’s to say, you need to put some effort into it to repair the dry, damaged one. Continue reading How to Fix Dry Damaged Hair without Cutting It?

Does Stinging Nettle Help Grow Hair?

nettle-weed-picturesMany of you may have heard of the benefits of nettle leaf for hair. However, chances are that you may be lost in different views from different beauty gurus. While some of them advise caution in use of it as currently there is no clinical trials for such claim, more argue that stinging nettle, available in the forms of teas, tablets, extract, liquid, tincture, etc., can help combat hair loss, promote hair growth, and get rid of dandruff. Continue reading Does Stinging Nettle Help Grow Hair?

Olive Oil for Baby Hair Care

olive-oil-healthy-hairYou’ve probably heard that olive oil is good for baby hair growth. In fact, its benefits for infant’s hair are more than that. If you apply it weekly to your baby’s hair, it is able to make it stronger and, more importantly, help get rid of cradle cap, medically known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, it is good at softening and taming curls. No wonder many hair care products contain this ingredient. But it should be applied with caution since a baby’s skin is very delicate. So, please do it very gently when necessary. Continue reading Olive Oil for Baby Hair Care

Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Growth

vitamin-d3-hair-regrowthSo, can vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss? While some studies have confirmed that there is a link between them, unfortunately so far they don’t give the recommended daily intake yet when it comes to preventing alopecia. For many people, it is common sense that exposure to natural sunlight can help the body produce vitamin D. But it seems that dermatologists are not impressed with this method for hair regrowth. Continue reading Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Growth

Thinning Hair in Women Because of Stress

what-causes-thinning-hairBy the statistics, thinning hair had affected one third of women in the world. And the trend to be on the lookout for is that female hair loss because of emotional or physical stress has accounted for a growing share in recent years although other common causes include hypothyroidism, poor diet, iron deficiency anemia, weight loss, excessive styling, and so on. There is just one consolation – thinning hair in women due to stress can be a temporary health problem. In this case, at most it takes a few months to grow back. Continue reading Thinning Hair in Women Because of Stress

Can Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

iron-for-hair-growthWhen you begin to doubt if low iron levels can cause hair loss, this usually means you have suffered from an iron-deficiency, with or without anemia, and hair thinning at the same time. In fact, some studies do show a link between them although lack of iron is one of the least known causes of hair problems. Given that there appears to be a worrying knowledge gap and the average age of the patients with alopecia is getting younger, a bit of schooling is necessary. Continue reading Can Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

Will Lack Protein Cause Hair Loss?

causes-female-hair-lossYou may have noticed that many females who are on diet are prone to hair loss especially when they eat only raw foods like fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight quickly. So, can lack of protein really cause hair loss? Undoubtedly, protein deficiency is one of main reasons for hair thinning and shedding. As one of essential nutrients, your body needs frequent, small amounts of it to keep you functioning. Besides, this problem can be also caused by poor health behaviors like staying up late, long hours sitting at a computer, too frequent coloring, and so on. Continue reading Will Lack Protein Cause Hair Loss?

Are Black Beans good for Hair Growth?

black-bean-seedsBlack beans are known to be beneficial. The main thing to know about is that this is a food for hair growth and thickness. If you face the hair problems too and want to improve it with diet therapy, an old recipe from the East, crisp pickled beans, may help solve these problems. Continue reading Are Black Beans good for Hair Growth?

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Hair

care-of-your-hairSweet almond oil is so skin-friendly that it can even be used for babies’ sensitive skin. In that case, you may ask, can it be used on hair? In fact, it is good for your whole body since it is high in nutrients that can nurture scalp and skin. So, next let’s take a look at what sweet almond oil does for your hair? Continue reading Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Hair

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth

keeping-the-scalp-healthyOlive oil has been used for different purposes for thousands of years. In addition to the most common benefits like cooking and skin care, others also include some specific purposes like hair growth. However, there’s an argument to be made that in fact it doesn’t promote hair regrowth although it is good for it. Still, it also indirectly produces benefits since it can affect some related tissues. Continue reading Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth