Ways to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Fast

garlic-odor-removalSo, how to neutralize garlic odor? Indeed, many of you have a love-hate relationship with Allium sativum. On the one hand, this is such a flavorful, healthy ingredient that it is widely used to enhance many dishes around the world. On the other hand, the followed foul taste will hold most of you back. Good news to garlic bread or pesto loves is that there is a few scientifically proven ways to hide garlic breath. Continue reading Ways to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Fast

Garlic Anti-aging Benefits

garlic-mask-for-wrinklesAs one of the indispensable condiments in daily diet of many families, garlic can serve as a medicine too since it has magical properties. In addition to prevent yeast infection, colds, cancer, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, it is praised as one of foods that prevent aging and wrinkles, thanks to its powerful antioxidant effects. Continue reading Garlic Anti-aging Benefits

Garlic Magical Powers

magical-uses-for-garlicAs is known to all that garlic is a universal spice. At the same time it is also considered an amazing natural nutrition and herbal medicine. In ancient time European witches believed that it possessed magical powders of warding off evil. These days, related studies keep yielding surprises on the healing properties of garlic. For example, some have shown that it even has higher nutritional value than ginseng. Continue reading Garlic Magical Powers

Can Garlic Cure Yeast Infection?

homemade-remedy-for-yeast-infectionIndeed, vaginal yeast infections are one of icky female issues, which can strike you at any time and cause symptoms like intense itching, a thick, white vaginal discharge, pain or burning, swelling, and the like. In this case, you might consider putting a clove of garlic in the vagina in order to stop a vaginal yeast. So you cannot help but wonder, can garlic overcome your Candidiasis? Continue reading Can Garlic Cure Yeast Infection?

Can Garlic Cure Cancer?

garlic-benefitsSince there’s no cure for most chronic cancers for the time being, garlic is no exception. Although this is not a ‘cure-all’ either, in recent years researchers have found that allicin has a significant anti-tumor effect for a variety of tumors. In fact, this wonderful seasoning has long been considered the undisputed leader of more than 40 known anti-cancer fruits and vegetables. And epidemiological studies have also shown that large doses of garlic for a long time can significantly decrease the incidence and mortality of some certain cancers since dozens among over 100 kinds of garlic components are able to respectively play a role in fighting cancer. Continue reading Can Garlic Cure Cancer?

Microwave Makes Peeling Garlic Cloves so Quickly and Easily

peeling-by-microwaveActually, you can start now if the following two things are already into place. First off, you got to have a microwave that works. This is simply not an issue at all since now almost every home has one. Secondarily, you have at least a head of garlic awaited to be peeled. Actually, this method is so effective that the more garlic cloves the better. Continue reading Microwave Makes Peeling Garlic Cloves so Quickly and Easily