Diarrhea after Eating Meat?

red-meat-gives-me-diarrheaThe benefits of meat are obvious since this is an important dietary source of essential nutrients and protein. However, some studies have shown that there is a link between red meat consumption and an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as breast cancer and heart disease. In this sense, this is good news for those who get diarrhea after eating meat. Besides, the current trend is all about going vegan. Still, people should find the causes of diarrhea after eating meat and deal with them since it may be an underlying digestive disease. so, why does red meat upset the stomach? Well, the most likely reasons are food poisoning, meat allergy, and intolerance, according to health experts. Continue reading Diarrhea after Eating Meat?

Tilapia Allergy

oreochromis-mossambicusIn many ways, fish and shellfish allergy are no different from other food allergies. For example, generally tilapia allergic reaction tends to occur after the patients have eaten it a few minutes or 48 hours later. The typical symptoms include hives, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and so on. Besides, finned fish like tuna, Mahi Mahi, catfish, salmon and more can cause similar symptoms too. Continue reading Tilapia Allergy

List of Foods That Contain Nickel

nickel-food-allergy-rashNickel allergy is one of the most common reasons for allergic contact dermatitis. It usually occurs in the area where your skin touches the products that contain this trace mineral. That’s to say, you may have rashes from jewelry, a watchband, or glasses frames if they contain this metal. For example, wearing earrings may make your earlobes itch. Similarly, foods containing high amounts of nickel are another potential pitfall. Continue reading List of Foods That Contain Nickel

What Food is Good for Skin Allergy?

skin-allergy-picturesThe start of spring makes everything come to life again, even the skin allergies. So, are there any simple ways that help minimize many spring allergy symptoms? Apparently, starting with your food seems a good idea if you are prone to this condition. Have no idea at all what food should be used? Well, below is a list of the most popular foods that are not only tasty, but also good for skin allergy. Continue reading What Food is Good for Skin Allergy?