Is Fenugreek Bad for Liver?

fenugreek-seeds-fatty-liverSo, is there a link between fenugreek and liver damage? Simply put, the answer is no. Instead, it is usually considered as an herb with hepatoprotective properties these days. Besides, it is often used for increasing mother’s milk, healing skin inflammation, boosting men’s testosterone levels, treating appetite loss, improving diabetes, and so on. Unfortunately, things are not quite that simple. While many studies support the healing properties of fenugreek, some others have shown that it couldn’t help any of the above-mentioned health condition. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there’s no consensus yet on this debate so far. Continue reading Is Fenugreek Bad for Liver?

Fenugreek Seeds Side Effects

trigonella-foenum-graecumFenugreek seeds, called methi dana in hindi, have long been known as a spice in Indian cuisine. Besides, they are used as an herbal medication in Asia and the Middle East too. And today people around the world still believe that this herb can be good for breastfeeding, high cholesterol, eyesight, diabetes, low levels of testosterone in men, and gallbladder problems. Since this is a commonly used a seasoning, it is generally recognized as safe when used in moderation. However, there are reported that it can cause side effects when taken in large doses. The typical symptoms include gas, bloating, diarrhea, a “maple syrup” odor in sweat and urine, and the like. And here are the details. Continue reading Fenugreek Seeds Side Effects

Is Fenugreek a Testosterone Booster?

fenugreek-and-testosteroneThese days, fenugreek has been touted as a great testosterone booster. To be honest, fenugreek as testosterone-boosting supplement is controversial. While many researchers believe that this herb can do very little or nothing on raising testosterone levels, the proponents insist that this herb can offer many beneficial effects, ranging from stimulating immune system to increasing lean muscle mass. Continue reading Is Fenugreek a Testosterone Booster?

Can Fenugreek Seeds Increase Milk Supply?

fenugreek-reviewsSimply put, fenugreek is a good remedy for low milk production. As for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding new baby, for sure many nursing mothers will choose the former because it carries many health benefits for both infants and mothers. For example, it protects the child against asthma and the mother against breast cancer. Unfortunately, some women aren’t producing enough milk. In this case, drinking plenty of water can help sometimes. However, fenugreek seeds can be a better solution in boosting milk supply, which has been used by centuries although how it works still remains unclear. Continue reading Can Fenugreek Seeds Increase Milk Supply?