Cobblestone Throat

When it comes to cobblestone throat, it is regrettable that few medical references can be found online or offline. However, many people did ever have the so-called cobblestone appearance occurred in the back of the throat. There is no denying that it looks terrible sometimes. The good news is that it is nothing serious and usually the use of over the counter medication can heal it. Of course, finding out the underlying cause is always the first priority although there is nothing to worry about it. Continue reading Cobblestone Throat

Lump Behind Ear

cyst-behind-earWhen it comes to painful or painless lump behind ear, the first response you have may be fear. That’s totally understandable. After all, ear lumps can be a sign of lymphoma or leukemia. But there’s some comfort in knowing that serious condition like leukemia is very rare here. Instead, in most cases you don’t need to worry about it at all since it is nothing but a minor illness that will recover even without needing medical care. However, It is worth mentioning that if an infection is involved you have to receive the treatments your doctor deems necessary. Continue reading Lump Behind Ear

Sinus Infection and Nausea

nausea-and-vomitingA severe sinus infection often involves multiple organs like throat, ears, and eyes. As a result, besides of the regular symptoms like nasal obstruction, drainage of yellow discharge, and reduced sense of smell and taste, sinusitis may sometimes cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting in some individuals. If this feeling of sickness persists, you should consult medical professional immediately. Continue reading Sinus Infection and Nausea