What Food Has DHA for Toddlers?

sources-of-dhaYou must have heard a lot about docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), but you may not know that this omega-3 fatty acid is essential to the development of infants and toddlers. This is evident in various types of infant formula milk since these days it can be found in most of them. No doubt, DHA-fortified foods can benefit your child’s development, especially the eyes and brain. Continue reading What Food Has DHA for Toddlers?

Can Eating Nuts during Pregnancy Make a Baby Smarter?

nuts-benefits-for-brainIf you are interested in this topic, you must have heard that eating nuts during pregnancy may help boost baby’s brain power. After all, a health, smart baby is always the biggest hope for all expectant mothers. But is this true? It’s important to note that so far there is no conclusive evidence found in relevant studies. However, one thing quite certain is that taking the proper amount of nuts during pregnancy can benefit both expectant mothers and babies. Continue reading Can Eating Nuts during Pregnancy Make a Baby Smarter?

How Many Types of Autism Are There?

an-autistic-childThe clinical manifestation of autism varies from child to child, from complete inability to care for themselves to normal kid after the treatment. There was ever a popular way to categorize autism according to IQ, namely below 80 as low-functioning type and above 80 as high-functioning type. However, this classification is not acceptable by professionals and literature since this is very controversial. So, is there a more scientific method to distinguish different types of autism in children? The answer is yes. But to make them much easier to understand, let’s first understand an important related term – autism spectrum. Continue reading How Many Types of Autism Are There?