Does Dark Chocolate Prevent Stroke?

foods-to-eat-to-prevent-strokeDoes eating dark chocolate prevent stroke? Now, this question seems to be pretty well answered. Recently, the British “Daily Mail” published online that scientists found that eating a moderate amount of chocolate on daily basis linked to lower heart disease and stroke risk. This conclusion is the result of a 12-year follow-up study carried out in 21,000 British. Continue reading Does Dark Chocolate Prevent Stroke?

Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad?

chocolate-powderThis question is somewhat similar to these two ones – does chocolate powder expire and how long does chocolate powder last? However, they have different emphases. Typically, you would ask this question only when you’ve found something wrong with the cocoa powder or it still looks good even after the printed date. That’s to say, this question focuses on safety while the latter two on quality. Obviously, it is important to tell them apart before answering it. Continue reading Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad?