Herbs For Tinnitus

When it comes to tinnitus treatments, no single treatment is appropriate for everyone because it can be a symptom of quite many medical problems. So, it is important to address the underlying condition first. In some cases, tinnitus may be treated by herbal remedies. Of course, the herbs used vary depending on the characteristics of the patients. And here are the 8 best herbs for treating tinnitus. Continue reading Herbs For Tinnitus

What Your Acne Is Telling You Based on Location?

chinese-medicine-face-mapping-acneAcne is such a common skin disease that it affects all races and ages, in particular teenagers and young adults. The only difference is that the location of the acne or flare-up may vary from person to person. That’s to say, you tend to get acne in certain areas, such forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw, and so on. A lot of you tend to take it for granted, but Chinese medicine practitioners don’t think so. Instead, they think that internal imbalance is the culprit that makes you always break out in the same places. And this in turn means that the location of acne on your face can tip off you about the health of your internal organs. So, what is your acne telling you by its location? Here is an acne face map for your reference. Continue reading What Your Acne Is Telling You Based on Location?

Best Anti-aging Chinese Herbs

herbs-that-reverse-agingShennong Ben Cao Jing (The Classic of Herbal Medicine) is the earliest material medica extant in China, containing 365 entries on medicaments and their description. Among them, more than 100 are classified as “noble herbs”. In other words, they are considered totally harmless and good for restoring or improving health or well-being. So, what are the best anti-ageing herbs to take? Here are the top 10, according to TCM practitioners. Continue reading Best Anti-aging Chinese Herbs

Is Kudzu Root Good for You?

pueraria-lobata-rootThe starchy white roots of kudzu, also known as pueraria lobata, are one of common vegetables in some southern provinces of China. Especially, people there often use them for cooking soup since the soup is sweet, cool, and delicious. It is worth mentioning that the edible kudzu root is also an excellent herbal medicine for a variety of health concerns, which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, cluster headaches, migraines, alcoholism, depression, diabetes, overweight, vertigo, and so on. So, does kudzu root really work? Continue reading Is Kudzu Root Good for You?

Cassia Seed Benefits and Side Effects?

jue-ming-ziCassia seed, better known as Jue Ming Zi in China, has a long history of being used as medicinal herb. “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, the oldest extant medical document in China, has spoken highly of this herb and claimed that it could treat all eye problems and help weight loss in long term consumption. So, what is cassia seed used for today? Continue reading Cassia Seed Benefits and Side Effects?

Luo Han Guo Recipe for Cough

herbal-cough-suppressantLuo Han Guo, also known as arhat fruit and monk’s fruit, is an herb with amazing medicinal properties. Siraitia grosvenorii, its herbaceous perennial vine, mainly grows in southern China and Thailand. There it is considered sweet and cooling in nature. And it is tailored in many recipes for a variety of ailments, such as aphonia, constipation, sore throats, coughs, quinsy, pharyngitis, lung congestion, excessive phlegm, and so on. Continue reading Luo Han Guo Recipe for Cough

Is Monk Fruit Safe for Pregnancy?

luo-han-guo-teaSo, is monk fruit safe to eat during pregnancy? Simply put, it is. Since this is something less familiar, it is understandable that pregnant women are cautious about it. This fruit mainly contains triterpene and its glycosides. From a nutritional point of view, it is rich in vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals. These nutrients can help the baby grow. So, this is not one of foods that may be harmful for pregnancy. Continue reading Is Monk Fruit Safe for Pregnancy?

Aconite Homeopathic Remedy Side Effects

aconitum-napellusIn homeopathy and Chinese medicine, aconite root is the main medicinal part. Clinically, it is used to treat restlessness, fear, anxiety, and other diseases since its effect is instantaneous and marvelous. However, this root is highly poisonous. For that reason, orally taking the raw tuber and supplements or giving the injection can cause a variety of side effects, which should deserve your attention. Continue reading Aconite Homeopathic Remedy Side Effects

Aconite Homeopathic Benefits

aconite-root-tubersThe roots of aconite, also known as aconitum napellus, monk’s-hood, aconite, and wolfsbane, are such a strongly toxic herb that it was commonly used to poison arrow heads or darts in ancient battlefield. At the same time, it is one of the oldest homeopathic remedies for a variety of diseases, ranging from colds to cancer. Continue reading Aconite Homeopathic Benefits