What Does Your Lips Say About Your Health?

lip-color-and-healthIf eyes are the windows to the soul, then lips can be the windows to the well-being. This is because in their naked state lips can reveal the status of your health. Usually, the healthy ones are naturally ruddy, shiny, slightly-to-moderately dry, and elastic. Since health problems can cause changes in the look of them, you can infer from the changes in their color, gloss, and texture that what’s wrong with your body. Continue reading What Does Your Lips Say About Your Health?

What Is the Best Healing Lip Balm?

chapstick-that-worksFor many people, the arrival of autumn and winter also means the coming of chapped lip season. At this moment, the chilly outside prompts you to buy healing lip balm, which actually is one of the “never leave home without” items in your makeup bag. No wonder it is called a life saver for dry/chapped lips. So, do you know what the most effective medicated lip balm is? You are not alone, and so many people confuse when facing so many different options available in the market. As far as concrete advice for the buyers, the same advice still holds that we’ve always said: the best chapstick is the one that suits you the most. Continue reading What Is the Best Healing Lip Balm?