Diarrhea after Eating Meat?

red-meat-gives-me-diarrheaThe benefits of meat are obvious since this is an important dietary source of essential nutrients and protein. However, some studies have shown that there is a link between red meat consumption and an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as breast cancer and heart disease. In this sense, this is good news for those who get diarrhea after eating meat. Besides, the current trend is all about going vegan. Still, people should find the causes of diarrhea after eating meat and deal with them since it may be an underlying digestive disease. so, why does red meat upset the stomach? Well, the most likely reasons are food poisoning, meat allergy, and intolerance, according to health experts. Continue reading Diarrhea after Eating Meat?

Is It Normal to Have Diarrhea during Your Period?

period-diarrhea-reliefSimply put, in most cases it is normal to have diarrhea with you period. Although the exact reasons aren’t fully understood, so far excessive prostaglandins are the top suspect. But in some other cases, it is a sign of underlying diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease. It is worth mentioning that some women also suffer from constipation during menstruation period. Continue reading Is It Normal to Have Diarrhea during Your Period?

Can Drinking Green Tea Cause Diarrhea?

decaf-green-teaGreen tea’s potential health benefits are enormous and people around the world drink it on daily basis for a number of purposes, such as helping heart, improving weight loss, fighting cancer, boosting memory, and so on. However, it was reported that some people might have diarrhea after drinking this beverage. So, does green tea cause loose stools? Continue reading Can Drinking Green Tea Cause Diarrhea?

Can Overeating Cause Diarrhea?

overfeeding-babyCan you get diarrhea from overeating? The answer is yes. Diarrhea after overeating often occurs in children and adults who are suffering from functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In this case, malabsorption of food is the direct cause because the gastrointestinal tract gets a bit overburdened due to excessive eating or feeding. From this perspective little difference is found between babies and adults. So, we’d like to talk about it from the point of view of the children. Continue reading Can Overeating Cause Diarrhea?