Can Calendula Be Used for Acne?

kiehl's-calendula-herbal-extract-tonerIt is understandable that you are eager to find an effective acne treatment when you are experiencing a breakout. It should be no surprise if someone has already recommended calendula cream to you. In fact, these days it has become a latest buzz acne treatment product. So, is calendula cream good for acne? Continue reading Can Calendula Be Used for Acne?

Does Calendula Cream Work for Eczema?

calendula-cream-eczema-reviewSince calendula is known for reducing inflammation, eliminating bacteria and promoting the healing of skin, there is every reason to believe that calendula cream works for eczema too. In fact, related beneficial attempt has been carried out by many dermatologists and patients. And the result turns out to be very promising, according to them. And they claimed that the combination of pure calendula extracts and other natural non-irritating substance could work better in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. What should be pointed out, however, is that the eczema-fighting properties of calendula has not been scientifically proven yet. Continue reading Does Calendula Cream Work for Eczema?