Brown Rice Weight Loss Recipes

brown-rice-weight-loss-dietToday, most folks like to consume white rice, which retain only the endosperm. The bad news is that refined grains are reportedly associated with increased risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. For that reason, more and more people begin to make the healthy switch to brown rice instead for weight loss or other purposes. Continue reading Brown Rice Weight Loss Recipes

What Is Brown Rice Good For?

benefits-of-eating-brown-riceIn general, white rice is more popular than brown rice because the refined grain usually tastes better. However, that’s another story when it comes to health benefits they may provide. So, why is brown rice better for you? According to health experts, frequent consumption of refined grains can cause harm to the body and constipation is one of typical symptoms. In comparison, eating the brown variety won’t cause similar health problems and, more importantly, it is capable of more. Continue reading What Is Brown Rice Good For?