Kudzu Root and Weight Loss

kudzu-powder-benefitsWhen it comes to what parts of the body fat are hardest to burn, for most women they would be belly, bottom, and thighs because in biology these areas tend to hold fat instead of activating muscles. Good news is that kudzu root could be a potential butt fat buster, according to the latest scientific research on the link between kudzu and weight loss. Continue reading Kudzu Root and Weight Loss

Does Cornbread Make Your Booty Bigger?

bigger-buttocksWhen it comes to how to make your booty bigger without surgery, you may be advised to try out tons of butt-toning solutions, among which the most popular ones include butt enhancement cream, shake, pills, injections, surgery, exercise, and so on. Of course, if you would like to add size to your booty by simply food consumption, eating cornbread seems to be a good idea since this practice has bounced back these days. So, does eating cornbread really work to change your booty shape? Continue reading Does Cornbread Make Your Booty Bigger?