Does Sugar Age the Skin?

effects-of-too-much-sugar-on-the-bodyCan sugar age your skin? Many girls who have a sweet tooth would wonder about it. In fact, eating added sugar can cause serious health consequences. For example, eating more sugar than you’re supposed to can not only make you gain weight, but also make your skin look older since it accelerates the aging of cells. Although as you grow older lines and wrinkles on your face cannot be avoided, slashing your carbohydrates intake from now on can help you slow down or at least maintain the normal aging process. Continue reading Does Sugar Age the Skin?

Cologne for Teenage Guys

popular-male-teen-fragranceSo, what is the best cologne for teenage guys? Admittedly, compared to adults it is a bit more difficult for teenage boys to choose the right cologne. After all, as a high school boy he has to take more things into consideration when it comes to wear cologne in class. However, the basic rules for choosing cologne always remain the same – either go with the crowd or stand out of the crowd. Based on this basic strategy, as parents you can screen out a lot of them and find the one that fits your young adult the best. Continue reading Cologne for Teenage Guys

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Methods

anti-aging-skin-careYou will start to age over time, sooner or later. Slowly you will find that your face becomes rough and pores enlarged. Now it is time to convince yourself to accept the idea that you need anti-aging skin care even though you are in your twenties. After all, the status in 20s may determine your skin in the rest of your life. In fact, the age of 25 has proved itself to be a watershed on aging. If you take action now and stick to these best anti-aging techniques, 10 years later it will make you what you are today. This is because at the age of 25 most fine lines are still lurking and at this time the priority for you is to defense. Compared to recovery, prevention is always easier to to done. Continue reading Best Anti Aging Skin Care Methods