Does Milk Thistle Work for A Hangover?

milk-thistle-after-heavy-drinkingIf you don’t drink alcohol at all, you won’t experience hangovers. So, in a sense not drinking to excess is the best prevention for a hangover. Besides, avoiding cheap alcohol and drinking water or snacking at the same time can help reduce the effects of alcohol too. However, these mentioned tips won’t be helpful after a heavy night of drinking alcohol. In this case, you need something else to get rid of the unwelcome side effect of boozy excesses. And milk thistle can be an ideal option since it has long been credited as a hangover cure. So, does this herb really work? Continue reading Does Milk Thistle Work for A Hangover?

What Vitamins to Take After a Night of Drinking?

super-b-complex-hangoverA hangover seems inevitable for many after a night of heavy drinking. In this case, an anti-hangover supplement is important. So, what are the best vitamins for hangover? Taking a B-complex vitamin supplement can help dispel the effects of alcohol, according to health experts. Continue reading What Vitamins to Take After a Night of Drinking?

Kidney Pain after Drinking Alcohol

kidney-pain-locationCommon sense tells us that excessive drinking can take a serious toll on your health. Among many alcohol-related health problems, kidney pain after excessive drinking is one of the most common symptoms. In a sense, sometimes this mild kidney discomfort is nothing but a warning sign that you should give it a hold. So keep it moderate if you want to keep your kidneys healthy, especially when you are suffering from kidney disease. Continue reading Kidney Pain after Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol and Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids-bleeding-while-sleepingDoes alcohol cause hemorrhoids? Unlikely as it seems, this condition can’t be caused by simply drinking. However, a link does exist between drinking large amounts of alcohol and the flare-ups. In other words, excessive intake of alcohol just irritates the existing ones and then makes them much worse, instead of causing this condition itself. Continue reading Alcohol and Hemorrhoids

5-Liter Mini Keg Beer Brands

eku-pils-mini-kegBeer is essential to add fun when you are planning a get together with friends. If you are fond of home draught beer, the good news for you is that more and more 5-liter mini keg brands have been launched in recent years. Unlike canned and bottled beer, keg beer offers you with ample supply thanks to its larger storage capacity. If you want to look for mini kegs made in the USA, sorry you’ll find that you don’t have much of choice because of the patented DraughtKeg system. However, you can have a lot of choice if you don’t care where it comes from. Continue reading 5-Liter Mini Keg Beer Brands