Spicy Food before Sleep

chili-headFor the vast majority of people, the basic metric of personal happiness is to eat right and get enough sleep. Of course, this is also the central premise of physiological and psychological well-being. However, they turn out to be the most two challenging things for modern lifestyle because today people have to manage enormous stress in a fast-paced world. In addition to busy work, some common habits can make you upset one side or other too. For example, eating spicy foods before bed may lead to sleep problems and other health problems.

A spicy meal before bed can spoil a good night’s sleep

This may sound strange but this is not alarmist. The other day, an Australian research team tried to discover the connection between spicy food and sleep and thereby they monitored a group of young healthy men who hit the hay after they tucked into a meal flavored by a lot of jalapeno hot sauce and mustard sauce. And the result showed that their sleep patterns have changed significantly. By monitoring their brain waves, it showed that both their fast wave sleep and slow wave sleep duration has shortened, which means less deep sleep. For that reason, they conclude that it is the spicy meal that causes the participants to toss and turn.

In addition, the researchers also found that the intake of spicy food could cause a rise in the body temperature during the stage 1 sleep, or drowsiness, which leads to reduced quality of sleep too. The researchers also added that although a number of reasons may explain the effect of spicy dinner on sleep the most obvious one is the stimulation on the stomach.

Three reasons

Hot food indeed affects sleep to some extent. According to nutritionists, this happens for three main reasons.

First, capsaicin, an alkaloid found in capsicums, can stimulate the tip of the tongue and then stimulate the central nervous system and nerve endings, resulting in rapid heartbeat, body temperature rises and longer period of time of excitement;

Second, chili, pepper, garlic, ginger and other ingredients also cause a great stimulation to the stomach, which could easily lead to a burning sensation in the stomach;

Third, spicy food may suppress the release of the sleep-promoting hormone during the digestive process. These are important factors affecting sleep.

So, although indulging in a diet of hot and spicy can give you a quick high and make you feel alive. However, you’d better stay away from these fiery dishes, typified by Neua Pad Prik, Sichuan Hot-Pot, Vindaloo Pork, Phaal Curry, Tom Yum, and the like.

Spicy food health problems

Experts also advise that spicy food may not only keep you up at night, but also have potentially harmful long-term effects on health. Since they irritate your mouth and stomach even more, eating too much of them will make you susceptible to mouth ulcers, gingivitis, acne, hemorrhoids, or other severe illness such as stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers, gastritis, and tongue cancer.

So, even though you are a true chili-head, you should still choose those chili recipes that are moderately spicy. In addition, you should be moderate in your eating too if you are suffering from stomatitis, pharyngitis, ulcer, gastrointestinal disease, bronchitis, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, dermatitis, nephritis, hypertension and other diseases. Or the condition will get worse.

Of course, spicy food is not all bad. In addition to bring wonderful feeling to your taste buds, it can also promote blood circulation and metabolism, stimulate peristalsis, increase secretion of digestive juice, enhance the appetite, relieve fatigue, and so on. However, if you want them to give you a health boost you should first maintain a reasonable approach to them and make sure to keep a balanced diet.

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