So, You Want Your Own Charmed Book of Shadows Replica, Huh?

charmed-book-of-shadows-exact-replicaEvery witch or wizard, especially members of the Warren line, should have her own Book of Shadows, which in a sense is similar to a notebook. But be that as it may, it is more than just a notebook since it is made for two major purposes – record and ritual. Because of the privacy, it seems quite mysterious.

In the past, witches or wizards would write down everything they think valuable to their rightful heir. This information includes experiences, potions, herbs, rituals, spells, magical objects, ritual props, and other relevant things. And because it is private notes, the owner usually wrote spells in order to prevent unauthorized access.

If you don’t want to buy a Charmed Book of Shadows exact replica, just do it yourself. Here are details for you as follows.

Prepare your book cover

Is leather a must in making the cover of Book of Shadows? No, it isn’t. In fact, it usually depends on the personal preference and the cover can be made from a variety of material, such as stone, wood, metal, and so on. It is true that there are many books that use leather cover with the purpose of making it look more solemn and store easily. Here the key is that finding the one that is right for you.

Sometimes some witches love to decorate the cover with ornaments like gold leaf, silver stars, silver moon, gold sun, and the like. By doing so the author tends to convey some specific meanings. For example, the silver leaves attached on the cover are used to indicate that this is a magical book on herbs.

Choose your pages

Someone says that only parchment is acceptable as pages of Book of Shadows. Actually it doesn’t matter. The role of magic nowadays is to let you fit easily into your lives. If you make it too complicated, it actually distances you from the magic world. So, whatever you use, e.g. white paper, pastel paper, or Kraft paper, it is just OK. The point is the paper can make you feel comfortable when you are writing. In addition, it allows you to add or modify the content at any time.

Usually on the top left or top right, there is a little space left for putting up herbs’ flowers, leaves, seeds, some magic patterns, and precious stones. Of course, the stones here refer to crystal, amber, and other stones with magical energy, rather than diamond. Pages like this are well-organized and pleasing to the eye.

Determine page style

Loose leaf version is highly recommended because it allows you to add a new sheet of paper at any time by fitting it into a three-ringed binder. When you need to do so, just first punch three holes on a sheet of paper, and then insert it into the binder. As you can see now, it is flexible and economic.

Make your own magic bookmark

It is basically up to you. Considering your personal preferences will definitely help find out which bookmark would be best for you. You can use iron or copper to engrave your favorite magic patterns, for example, stars, the moon, God, flowers, and so on.

Select a pen

Traditionally, The Book of Shadows are based on parchment, written in dove’s blood ink, bat’s blood ink, or dragon’s blood ink by quills. So here comes the question: Do I have to do the same thing exactly as the predecessors did? In fact, you can use normal ink, pens, and even a pencil as long as it makes you feel comfortable. Now it is 21st century and you don’t need to formalize your idea. As mentioned above, The Book is no more than personal notes of a witch or wizard. Since this is a personal item, you can decorate it according to your preference. Of course, it makes sense to use quill and dragon’s blood ink as well if you want to stick to the traditional practice.

Perform a ritual necessary

After it is done, choose a full moon night and take The Book and some incense out. With the help of the moon light, write down the cover symbols on the first page and other things as follows:

1) Date;
2) Time;
3) Your name;
4) Phase of the moon;
5) Other useful things you value, e.g. verse or proverb.

And then you should say to the Moon with your book in hand:

Here as the Full Moon shines upon me,
Bless this Book I’ve made tonight.
I humbly ask this of thee,
Underneath your most sacred light.

An important point to make here: you can change the words in the text to suit your needs.

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