Salmon Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

salmon-oil-supplementsAre you still frustrated with increasing skin and hair problems as you age? Recent research has shown that salmon oil could possibly be one of the answers you have been looking for. Since it is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, the benefits of salmon oil get more and more recognition these days.

Since ancient times people have been constantly attempting to find the magic techniques or formulas to reduce wrinkles and hair loss. No doubt, a wrinkle-free face and healthy thick and strong hair will make a person look younger than his/her age. Unfortunately, skin is such a fragile organ that it is susceptible to the damage caused by the environmental or genetic factors. Admittedly, fighting skin disorders, for examples acne and eczema, and hair problems, such as dryness, dandruff and baldness, is always a never-ending battle which you have to take part in if you want to look younger even when you are getting older.

It is worth mentioning that overall well-being is really important for you to have younger looking skin and hair. After all, inner health and outer beauty are closely connected. One study reported that the production of inflammatory compounds inside the body should be blamed for sagging and wrinkles. Besides, what you eat is another major factor that causes premature aging. For example, the consumption of carbohydrates like sugar, starch and white flour will increase insulin levels, induce inflammation and in the end lead to premature aging of your facial skin.

You probably don’t know that you shed skin cells every day because your body is constantly replacing old epidermal cells with new ones. Unfortunately, the frequency will decrease as you age. So, the wrinkles and loss of elasticity are actually the result of an inflammatory response. When it comes to improving hair or skin texture, one of the simplest ways is to externally apply care products that mainly contain antioxidant vitamins A, B, C, and E. Besides of applying vitamins externally you can still get them from fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, taking supplement orally is another option you can count on too. In short, eating healthy is the key to maintain overall health and slow down the aging process.

Skin damage from sun exposure is another major factor that cannot be neglected since ultraviolet (UV) radiation not only causes aging, but also increases the risk of cancer. Luckily, since omega-3 fatty acids are able to play an important role in reducing the inflammation in the body, this is why they are so important to healthy skin besides of the above-mentioned vitamins.

As you know, ω-3 fatty acids can provide you with a wide array of health benefits, including improving weight loss, depression, skin health, hair growth, cholesterol levels, and so on. In terms of a natural source of n-3 fatty acids, salmon fish is the one that must be mentioned besides of flaxseed. However, when you focus on the amazing omega-3 benefits, salmon is far better than flaxseed since the essential fatty acids in the latter are in the forms of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which means they are difficult to be absorbed by the body. But the fatty acids in tuna, salmon, herring, mullet, sardines, trout, and mackerel, by contrast, are easier to be absorbed since they are in the form of DHA and EFA. Of course, in addition to directly eating the mentioned fatty fish, you can also gain a lot of these essential fats by simply taking salmon oil.

If you have been taking these supplements for a long enough time, no doubt it will help alleviate the inflammation process, promote wound healing, and hydrate skin to make your skin look younger and hair shiny and soft. As an added bonus, salmon oil can still protect the body from ultraviolet damage while reducing the risk of cancer.

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